21 February 2013

KingCast says Judge Alvin Thompson is mighty quiet on the Intervenor and Sanctions motions by Betty J. King after Roderick Bremby's lies are exposed in Shafer v. Bremby Title XIX lawsuit, CT 12-CV-0039

It has been several months now since I painstakingly showed the emails absolutely proving that the Application was submitted in 2011, and many weeks since I showed the Roderick Bremby and CT AG George Jepsen. The Affidavits provided to the Court are at once internally inconsistent while actually proving that bank account materials were indeed submitted back in 2011 as well.  And what have I received for all of this due diligence?

No ruling in my mother's favor, a kick in ass and prevented from attending the second scheduled settlement conference, that's what. Well at least Roderick Bremby is still up shit creek without a paddle because of the ruling in the companion case of Briggs v. Bremby, 12-CV-00324. I have not yet filed my bar association complaint but you had damn well better believe a complaint will be filed against any and all responsible parties. Right now I am just waiting for the Court to make its move and we will go from there. Of course I look forward to the bar association to find a way to ignore it, just as the other journos who wrote me that they would cover the case have since ignored me, but to hell with all of them. I am going to put the record facts out in the public so that others who litigate against these liars will Google it up and see What Really Happened.

And oh, let's not forget the email from Diane Wood that sealed the deal when she admitted in the summer of 2012 that the issue was not on our end, but rather on theirs. Here it is again for your review your Honor..... the actual Party Admission/Statement Against Interest..... are you going to let them get away with this crap in your Courtroom?

Unfortunately not. I am getting closer. The problem is there is a huge influx of new ones that at least need to be screened and initial requests made and older ones completed first. It is a never ending battle. I will attempt a.s.a.p.

So we have three black men working on a case involving an elder black woman, and only one of these black men seems to be Doing the Right Thing --the one who is being ignored. Go figure. But you know what? I'm going to tell the Truth regardless of consequences right here, right now and on through the Court of Appeals if I have to. Here I am in this movie being denied the right to enter the Federal Courthouse, as if I am in the one in the wrong. Sorry folks, but sometimes America is just a horrible place in which to seek Justice.


Christopher King said...

How do you say it.... the silence is deafening..... yep.

Oppression and silence, silence and oppression.

How is this Court going to address Bremby and AG Jepsen's complete liar hood?

I smoked these boys so good it hurts. First I made them bring in case worker Diane Wood and then she flubs her line and says that the financials were not sent in by 15 December, 2011 and further that she agrees with the Affidavit of her Stupidvisor.

Turns out her Stupidvisor had already admitted I submitted the financials, nice.

What a waste of taxpayer dollars.... which is why these fokkers still have not responded to my goddamn public records request, so I will sue them over that as well.

Just a pack of dirty rotten assholes, basically.


Michael Holman said...

Inept workers who stick together hoping to make it to retirement and collect pensions. Connecticut is full of this type of garbage. Incompetence.