04 February 2013

KingCast reports: Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald Defamation case will go to trial in January, 2014.

28 May 2014 Update: Post Trial Rule 59 Motions are due by Friday 30 May, 2014. I would anticipate the Court will address those quickly, so if an Appeal is to be filed I would have to believe it would be before year's end. Let's see where it goes from there.

19 March 2014 Update: The verdict is in folks, and the Jury saw right through the Boston Herald and Jessica Van Sack's bullshit and returned liability verdicts on Defamation/Libel and Ms. Marinova's emotional distress claims.  Sure the scumbags will likely appeal and drag it out, or at least appeal to reduce whatever the verdict is, but whatever the case a Jury has SPOKEN, and the Boston Herald and Jessica Van Sack.... are scumbags schlock journos, as I have said all along while all the other area reporters conveniently forgot about this case. Details and more video soon.

Final Trial Conference 6 Jan 2014.
Jury Trial 27 Jan 2014.
The wheels of Justice turn very slowly when Civil Rights are involved. Ms. Marinova filed her case in 2010 and ever since then the Boston Herald has incessantly filed Motions to dismiss and for Summary Judgment (some through the counsel pictured, at left) and got their asses handed to them up and down the line. And make no mistake, even though this is a private Defendant, the interaction between the State and the Herald is just about as insidious as one could imagine. Now the only thing I fear is that we have another situation where Judge Robert C. Cosgrove hears a case, the Defendants get schooled to the tune of $1.7M and then take up some bogus post trial motions that sit around, interminably, for years. Ask me how I know this: A story so troubling to me that I logged it with video (lots of video) on my Mortgage Movies Journal.  It involved firebombing, arson, anti-Semitism, urine, feces and bullet holes to Scott Hyman's detriment, courtesy of Lakeville's Hemlock Association. And nothing has been resolved to this day. The verdict was issued in July, 2010 and Mr. Hyman can't even appeal anything because there's been no formal Order and Entry on Defendants' Motion to Set Aside the Verdict and for New Trial. But the problem is, the Defendants in that case did not object to certain testimony coming in, so that's too bad so sad hard cheese...... we shall see.

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Judge Cosgrove Final Pretrial video: Marinova v. Boston Herald.

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I think I'll be sure to have a high-dollar shotgun mic for the trial, I want the best sound possible as Defendant Jessica Van Sack takes the stand, lessons on how not to be a journalist, ahem. The real question becomes what happens if the Herald loses and they file a flurry of post-trial motions..... will they sit virtually stagnant for a year or more as they did with Scott Hyman's $1.7M verdict.

Hey Dan, how about some coverage on THAT or am I once again on my own as the song says. I wish that we could do it all again..... on my own...... once again.... nice little melancholy ballad, that.