16 February 2013

KingCast open letter to Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. ..... God damn you!

Jesse Jackson, Sr. Introduces Issac Hayes, theme song from Shaft, 1973. Jesse Jackson Jr. and I were both 8 years old. Jesse, your father was cool. You are not.

Dear Jesse Jackson, Jr:

We are exactly the same age, within 35 days of each other. I worked for your father in high school when he was just a few years younger than we are now, and I have worked for other Dems from time to time before becoming disgusted by most Dems and Republicans. I supported your father every time he was under attack from people who hate. And in one fell swoop -- or more accurately in a series of calculated crimes -- you have taken the family name and all that it stood for to new lows. You are no better than the fraudulent foreclosure bankers and attorneys I rail on at my Mortgage Movies Journal. So God damn you. And your wife too. Really.

Christopher King, J.D.