18 February 2013

KingCast hopes Terry Francona can do for the Tribe what Bill Belichick did for Patriots!

Full story coming by morning. I don't have time to edit the rest of the stills. Anyway I don't know precisely why I kept this particular issue of the Cleveland Edition, featuring Bonnie Raitt.  This is funny because I would later meet Bonnie Raitt, and come to discover that she is a very compassionate person. As to Bill Belichick, we called him Bellicose, because with the media he was, and still is. And he hated Bernie Kosar, who used to call plays in the dirt against him. The fact that these plays often worked is completely hilarious :)

Anyway when I was working at the Edition in the late 80's this style of reporting and news coverage made an impression on me so I kept a few issues....and some of the T-shirts too! Anyway I was in law school in the early 90's in Cleveland and watched our believed team strike out on some very real chances to win the World Series. Pitches thrown in the dirt. Motorboat crashes. (see also Jose Fernandez 2016) Sunspots..... So today I have two wishes for the Tribe:

1. That they kill that ridiculous mascot/insignia and return to the original ones that really honored Louis Sockalexis. I mean, like, what the fuck, guys, really? It "Chief Wahoo" is patently insulting and it is a slap in the face to Mr. Sockalexis. My former boss, Terry Gilbert successfully sued them over this but you won't find it on Lexis, ahem.

2. That Terry Francona can do for them what Bill Belichick did for the New England Patriots.

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