28 February 2013

KingCast clarifies First Amendment Rights with NY Family Court Referee Jennifer Mitek and the Courts continue to violate Sandy Chadee's parental custody and visitation rights for no lawful reason.

NY Unified Court system loves them some KingCast!

My email to Ms. Ruslander is in the comments section.

Wonder who this is.... I'll bet it is someone involved with ACS/government. They live up in this journal and wish it would go away because I expose their dirt as no one else does.
PS up front: At a recent hearing, the Court ORDERED ACS to conduct a goddamn investigation into some of Ms. Chadee's allegations relative to her Motion to Return Custody that was filed at least a year ago. ACS failed to do anything and now Rita Kaufman says the case is closed. She is Devil incarnate and she knows it. I looked her straight in the eye yesterday and she knows that I know it too.

New movie coming soon. Yesterday I walked right into Referee Mitek's office in that nasty little double-wide that Long Island calls a Family Court, and sat myself on down. Recall, this is part of the same general issue where lesbian activist Judge Debra Silber and supposed Child Law Guardian Rita Kaufman stole a child from a fit mother, over the direct recommendation of court-appointed forensic psychologist Dr. Kaplan. When Referee Mitek asked whether or not I was a party to the case at which point the following colloquy ensued:
"Well I don't know.... I do know that Carlos Pena filed a bogus criminal complaint on me and Ms. Chadee, and I know that this Court issued some kind of Order through Ms. Chadee that I was supposed to take down information on my journal page about this case....." 
"You're not a party, please leave the room." 
"Well okay that's fine, so I'm just here to make sure that my First Amendment Rights are as I imagined them, fully intact.... because you may recall Attorney Mitek I wrote you about this but never heard back."
Here is the background on that matter; stay tuned for how Mitek and many others are giving Sandy Chadee the high hard one with regard to taking away visitation rights to her child for no goddamn reason whatsoever. Well I've listened to a tape recording of the child talking to his mother, and I have heard the child talking to his mother and I have no doubt that the child wants to live with his mother instead of the former deadbeat dad who had to be ORDERED to pay child support and who is a bit of a jailbird. 

Referee Mitek and Rita Kaufman were all pissed off, and I could distinctly hear Ms. Chadee ask "Is there a law against taping my own child" when they tried to claim that Ms. Chadee had sent the child into a meeting with Rita Kaufman with a surreptitious taping device. Nope, sorry ladies that is not what happened.

But in spite of the clear cut code provision that requires the Law Guardian to effectuate the desires of the child unless grave harm may come to him, Rita Kaufman continues to force the child to live with the father. She has tried to order up a psychological exam to make her look bad, but Dr. Kaplan already did that and said the child should go to the mother!

Attorney Kaufman told the child that he was going to have to live with his father "because your mother didn't file enough papers with the court." So Ms. Chadee has prepared a list of violations by Law Guardian Rita Kaufman, and I have read the code and see her violations clear as day and they will be set forth on this journal page and in a short film soon. Her Court appointed attorney would not file it, no surprises there because none of them are willing to rock the boat. It's sad but true. But she's going to file it and will probably sue under Article 78 for this series of ongoing events. Attorney Kaufman will no doubt try to point out that the Federal Lawsuit against Judge Silber and her was dismissed but in that Order there was absolutely no mention of Rita Kaufman, plus that lawsuit concerned other activity anyway.
So to Referee Mitek, Rita Kaufman, Carlos Pena and his happy-assed giggling attorney: Go ahead on guys with your happy-assed charade because guess what? That child is very precocious and he already said some very unsavory things about Rita Kaufman; I heard it with my own two ears although I won't publicly repeat them. The fact that Ms. Kaufman discussed legal theory of the case with a five year-old however, I can and will publish. And when that child reaches legal maturity he is going to sue the snot out of all of you -- using some of the information presented right here on this journal page no less -- for depriving him of his basic constitutional rights, and I will be right there with him, catching it all on KingCast video. And you better believe the cameras they will have in twelve years are going to capture it all with alarming alacrity. Twelve years passes by quickly; I will be 59 years old then and still not taking any shit from anybody regarding my First Amendment Rights.

KingCast is on the road, again.

27 February 2013

KingCast tells Federal Court "I am becoming indignant" at how my mother and I are being treated as Judge Alvin Thompson issues final pretrial orders while ignoring Motions to Intervene and for Rule 11 Sanctions in Shafer v. Bremby, 12-CV-00039

Yes indeed, a pretrial order went out last week while the Court has not yet address the substance of my mother's Motion to Intervene or the Motion for Sanctions. The sanctions issue was raised after we caught DSS wonk Roderick Bremby and the State AG flat out lying and their own Affidavits and emails proved that they lied about material issues in mom's Title XIX Application. There's no two ways about it, they lied and AG George Jepsen lied as well. So hell yes I am indignant and I have every right to be.

If the Court is going to continue to ignore me I'll have to file a Mandamus in the Court of Appeals or Writ of Prohibition to keep this trial from going forward until my mother's arguments are heard.

26 February 2013

KingCast Reply Memorandum to Unseal Eugene Stahl/Cody Eller Laurie List Information in Motorcycle Road Rage Conviction.

Excerpt:  As anticipated, the State issued a rote recitation of RSA 105:13b, which is inapplicable herein because the Laurie List is not truly part of a police officer’s personnel file. It exists separately from his or her file and it is shared with Prosecutors throughout the State. Therefore the Compelling Governmental Interest in sharing that information about a police officer who has gone that far beyond the line of acceptable conduct outweighs that officer’s purported Right to Privacy. Remember, these are people who carry guns and badges and who are entrusted by the public to behave in a manner that dignifies their profession. Having violated that public trust they simply cannot at this point reasonably expect that the Court will perpetually hide their misdeeds, because those misdeeds were substantial enough to warrant placement on the Laurie List.

We do not know the exact nature of the problems that have befallen Officer Stahl….. and that in turn is the problem. We need to know and we are fully entitled to know. As anyone following this case knows, my bias as a former Assistant State Attorney was in favor of swift, vigorous and thorough prosecution. However that prosecution and conviction cannot come at all costs in any civilized society. So it is up to this Court to determine whether New Hampshire is a civilized society in this instance.

21 February 2013

Hey KingCast.... is Ol' Yaller coming home soon?"

Yepper.... Tomorrow. Another chapter in the Triumph Money Pit saga is closing. 2002+ Triumph 955i engine, check. Shattered crankshaft, check. Video soon. For now enjoy the Happy Video shot on location at Todd's Motorcycles, before the Fall.

KingCast Triple Header: Tulips Turned Iris + Tulip Turned Poppy + Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, Again.

KingCast says Judge Alvin Thompson is mighty quiet on the Intervenor and Sanctions motions by Betty J. King after Roderick Bremby's lies are exposed in Shafer v. Bremby Title XIX lawsuit, CT 12-CV-0039

It has been several months now since I painstakingly showed the emails absolutely proving that the Application was submitted in 2011, and many weeks since I showed the Roderick Bremby and CT AG George Jepsen. The Affidavits provided to the Court are at once internally inconsistent while actually proving that bank account materials were indeed submitted back in 2011 as well.  And what have I received for all of this due diligence?

No ruling in my mother's favor, a kick in ass and prevented from attending the second scheduled settlement conference, that's what. Well at least Roderick Bremby is still up shit creek without a paddle because of the ruling in the companion case of Briggs v. Bremby, 12-CV-00324. I have not yet filed my bar association complaint but you had damn well better believe a complaint will be filed against any and all responsible parties. Right now I am just waiting for the Court to make its move and we will go from there. Of course I look forward to the bar association to find a way to ignore it, just as the other journos who wrote me that they would cover the case have since ignored me, but to hell with all of them. I am going to put the record facts out in the public so that others who litigate against these liars will Google it up and see What Really Happened.

And oh, let's not forget the email from Diane Wood that sealed the deal when she admitted in the summer of 2012 that the issue was not on our end, but rather on theirs. Here it is again for your review your Honor..... the actual Party Admission/Statement Against Interest..... are you going to let them get away with this crap in your Courtroom?

Unfortunately not. I am getting closer. The problem is there is a huge influx of new ones that at least need to be screened and initial requests made and older ones completed first. It is a never ending battle. I will attempt a.s.a.p.

So we have three black men working on a case involving an elder black woman, and only one of these black men seems to be Doing the Right Thing --the one who is being ignored. Go figure. But you know what? I'm going to tell the Truth regardless of consequences right here, right now and on through the Court of Appeals if I have to. Here I am in this movie being denied the right to enter the Federal Courthouse, as if I am in the one in the wrong. Sorry folks, but sometimes America is just a horrible place in which to seek Justice.

19 February 2013

KingCast says Kawasaki does not always "Let the Good Times Roll." RIP Scott Thompson, who died after crashing his 2007 ZX-10.

I wrote several years ago that Kawasaki Lets the Good Times Roll.... because I loved my little 650R and the first Kawi I rode on, a 1973 900 Z-1. But my high school friend Leo Beauregard was paralyzed after the sidestand on his KZ750 twin deployed without warning. I believe he is still living in Cleveland, unlike Scott Thompson, who died in Iowa. Kawasaki is on the hook, and rightfully so. They ignored the clear meaning of an email sent from an Ohlin's representative that warned that the steering damper on the 2007 ZX 10R was basically ineffective. I posted the Decision denying Summary Judgment but here's the guts of the matter and as you read this, keep in mind these bastards weaseled out of an emissions muffler replacement on my 650R, even though I was traveling when it expired and missed the cutoff by a couple hundred miles. So I hope Mr. Thompson's estate sues the nuts out of these cut-corner motherfuckers.

Estate of Thompson v. Kawasaki Heavy Indus., 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 17796 

At about sunset on March 21, 2009, Scott Thompson was riding his 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R motorcycle in a convoy with two friends on county road K-22 in Plymouth County, Iowa. One of Thompson's friends, Dave Lachioma, who was also riding a motorcycle, led the convoy, the other friend, Michael Welter, followed in his car, and Thompson brought up the rear on his motorcycle. While driving northbound on K-22, Thompson passed Welter, who was driving at 60 to 65 mph. A few seconds after Thompson passed him, Welter observed the taillight of Thompson's motorcycle wobble from side to side. Although Welter observed that it looked like Thompson was regaining control of his motorcycle, Thompson was tossed from the motorcycle, [*4] slid on his back, feet first, across the highway, and landed in a ditch on the west side of the highway. The motorcycle continued upright in the northbound lane for another several hundred feet, before exiting the highway on the east side. As a result of the accident, Thompson suffered a burst fracture at the T3-T4 vertebrae, causing paralysis below that level. Thompson died on December 25, 2011. 

18 February 2013

KingCast hopes Terry Francona can do for the Tribe what Bill Belichick did for Patriots!

Full story coming by morning. I don't have time to edit the rest of the stills. Anyway I don't know precisely why I kept this particular issue of the Cleveland Edition, featuring Bonnie Raitt.  This is funny because I would later meet Bonnie Raitt, and come to discover that she is a very compassionate person. As to Bill Belichick, we called him Bellicose, because with the media he was, and still is. And he hated Bernie Kosar, who used to call plays in the dirt against him. The fact that these plays often worked is completely hilarious :)

Anyway when I was working at the Edition in the late 80's this style of reporting and news coverage made an impression on me so I kept a few issues....and some of the T-shirts too! Anyway I was in law school in the early 90's in Cleveland and watched our believed team strike out on some very real chances to win the World Series. Pitches thrown in the dirt. Motorboat crashes. (see also Jose Fernandez 2016) Sunspots..... So today I have two wishes for the Tribe:

1. That they kill that ridiculous mascot/insignia and return to the original ones that really honored Louis Sockalexis. I mean, like, what the fuck, guys, really? It "Chief Wahoo" is patently insulting and it is a slap in the face to Mr. Sockalexis. My former boss, Terry Gilbert successfully sued them over this but you won't find it on Lexis, ahem.

2. That Terry Francona can do for them what Bill Belichick did for the New England Patriots.

17 February 2013

Talking Heads and KingCast say "Oh, deer, we have some dinner guests!"

"Animals" video coming momentarily. I wish the large pic had been earlier in the day. While the noise is not inappropriate with the image, after dusk the limitations of the Canon EF 24-85mm 3.5/4.5 become readily apparent. Were I shooting a 5D MK III perhaps not as much so. As Capleton would say, that day will come.

16 February 2013

KingCast open letter to Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. ..... God damn you!

Jesse Jackson, Sr. Introduces Issac Hayes, theme song from Shaft, 1973. Jesse Jackson Jr. and I were both 8 years old. Jesse, your father was cool. You are not.

Dear Jesse Jackson, Jr:

We are exactly the same age, within 35 days of each other. I worked for your father in high school when he was just a few years younger than we are now, and I have worked for other Dems from time to time before becoming disgusted by most Dems and Republicans. I supported your father every time he was under attack from people who hate. And in one fell swoop -- or more accurately in a series of calculated crimes -- you have taken the family name and all that it stood for to new lows. You are no better than the fraudulent foreclosure bankers and attorneys I rail on at my Mortgage Movies Journal. So God damn you. And your wife too. Really.

Christopher King, J.D.

KingCast presents: Head Space.

15 February 2013

KingCast tells President Obama: "Keep following your encrypted searches to see KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP & Nashua PD is going to SCOTUS, and that NH GOP press wonk Ryan Williams is indeed a fascist pig"

It might not be the White House this time... because the IP addy does not reflect it whereas at other times it did say Oval Office.... but it is someone on the Hill.... Video forthcoming, but  you can see in the links on the jump page what the White House was reading and watching. In point of fact, the top video is from the first link. As you can see it is from my pre-DSLR days but you can clearly see that I was already invited into a Joe Arpaio/Kelly Ayotte "Steak Out" dinner in Nashua, NH but then was thrown out, with Ryan Williams telling me "You are not a journalist," fascinating. I am also posting my Memorandum in Opposition to Appellee's Motion to Strike and for Sanctions in KingCast v.  Ayotte et al. First Circuit Court of Appeals 12-1891.And in the movie I will also address more government officials acting badly, as Defendant Roderick Bremby and his staff and his lawyers -- including CT AG have been caught red-handed: They lied about the timeliness of our mother's Title XIX application for Medicaid benefits and their own Affidavits show the lie. But the Connecticut District Court Judge Alvin Thompson has been giving the Defendants everything they want. It is always tough for the little people in Court, even if you are a former government attorney. Perhaps especially if you are a former government attorney, they don't like defectors too much, ahem. Comcast Cable ( [Label IP Address] 

KingCast and Apple Computers present: Sticker shock.

KingCast and friends say, "Beers-R-us!"

Folks Chillin' in Nashua.

The Gritty McDuff page.

10 February 2013

KingCast and Alpha Graphics Say: Let's Join Together To Help A Family Recover and Rebuild After Fire Tragedy.

A recent tragedy has hit one of our dearest members of the Alphagraphics team. Christopher Husband and his 5 year old boy, were severely burned in a home fire on Sunday night, February 3rd. He ran into burning flames to do what any great father would do, and risked his life to save his child. 

They are both undergoing intensive care, and it will be a long painful road to recovery. His loving wife (and mommy-to-be) Cynthia Etienne is strongly standing by their sides. We here at Alphagraphics Providence are reaching out to ask for your help and support. We have a benefit fund set up to help with the extensive recovery and rebuilding that lies ahead for this family. 

We ask that you join us in offering prayers, and help out in any way you can. All donations can be made to: Christopher Husband Benefit Account to any Bank RI location, to Alphagraphics at 20 Westminster Street, Providence RI 02903 or through PayPal by following this link:

That having been said as the official release from Alpha Graphics as supplied to me, I am going to go a bit further to explain why this is so important to all of us:
I have only met Christopher Husband on one major occasion, and it involved my First Circuit Federal Appellate Brief and Appendix in the First Amendment, Free Press lawsuit KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD. The production of this brief and I am not going into the specifics right now, those of you interested can follow the link but please do so only AFTER you hit the PayPal link. Chris, his son and his wife come first, but it is important to know that he is a consummate professional who knows the meaning of customer service. I have no direct affiliation with the Paypal or with Alpha Graphics, I am just a guy with the means to try to help and that is what I must do. In my heart of hearts I know he would do the same for me, and that is what life is all about.

There is a reason Christopher Husband's picture is blurry: He's always in motion, being an exemplary employee. If everyone in America worked as hard and as smart as this man, the World would be a much better place for all of us.

Do the Right Thing.

09 February 2013

KingCast and Giancarlo Esposito say "Sal, why you ain't got no brothas on the wall?"

Do the Right Thing was an amazing movie in its Day... and it is still relevant today. And Breaking Bad will go down in history as one of the most amazing TV series. It is obvious that it could have ended at season 4 so I look forward to what goes down in 5, which is what we are about to start watching :) 

And Giancarlo Esposito plays the unflappable kingpin to the maximum, hats off to him all the way. The final scene.... natty and poised even in death.... just... wow.