21 January 2013

KingCast presents: CT Bremby Title XIX lawsuit: Public records request on wasted taxpayer monies.

Stay tuned for the video.


Christopher King said...

Keep on reading guys. Just proves you received the information.

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Christopher King said...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Christopher King
Date: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 11:33 AM
Subject: Re: Freedom of Information/Public Records Request on Commissioner Bremby.
To: "Jones, TJ K" , "Callahan, Jennifer" , "Barber, Hugh"

Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank you for your prompt reply. At this point I do not anticipate that this matter will fall squarely within your direct professional jurisdiction. Indirectly, however I think it is important that you and others are aware of this case and the lies and deception put forth by Defendant Bremby and his attorneys.

Essentially they flat out lied about when our application for Title XIX benefits was completed. Here are the related Rule 11 Sanctions Memoranda:



So while they are not within the pure jurisdiction they are nonetheless violating the public trust and wasting taxpayer monies, so I issued the Information request to document just how much this pack of lies is costing CT taxpayers.

If you know of anyone else who can help them stop lying, please by all means pass this information onward.

Best regards,

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Jones, TJ K wrote:
Dear Mr. King:

Your email below, which was addressed to the Office of State Ethics, was forwarded to my attention. The Office of State Ethics has only the limited jurisdiction granted to it by the General Assembly. Generally speaking, the Office has jurisdiction over public officials and state employees who use their state positions in order to attain an improper personal financial gain. In contrast, although your email appears to level allegations against state officials and state employees, the issue you complain of appears to be the conduct of these persons in relation to a federal lawsuit under the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the District of Connecticut. Although your email is scant on details, there is no apparent allegation regarding any improper personal financial gain or conflict of interest.

If you have any facts that suggest that any of these state officials or employees have used their state positions in an attempt to gain an improper financial advantage, I encourage you to file a detailed complaint with this Office. The complaint form may be found on the Office of State Ethics website, under the “Forms” tab. If, rather, your allegations regard some other conduct, you may wish to consult the state’s website – ct.gov – to try to determine which agency may have jurisdiction over the allegations.

Thomas K. Jones
Ethics Enforcement Officer
Office of State Ethics
Hartford, CT 06106
Tel: 860-263-2390
Fax: 860-263-2402
email: tj.jones@ct.gov
URL: www.ct.gov/ethics