17 January 2013

Counsel for Maryland Lawyer Renee Olivia Dyson withdraws in Thomas P. Dore fraudulent foreclosure case.

I will post the thumbnails to the documents over the weekend or Monday. In them, and in the video you see how Dyson tried to avoid answering Discovery requests by claiming that there was no Complaint, but the Court properly slammed Dyson and her lawyer, Rita Ting-Hopper. The larger issue however -- as noted in the recent Thomas P. Dore journal entries -- is that Thomas P. Dore and people like him are ruining America. Recently, Dore was on the Board of the U.S. Foreclosure Network (USFN) and he supports lawless conduct in foreclosure proceedings such as the Teena Cardoni case:  In that case Dore threw her out on the streets in spite of the fact that there was a newborn baby and a grandfather on a respirator in the house and the fraud of Jonathan Feldman and Eastern Savings Bank was involved.  Don't know about Feldman? Just read the Office of Thrift Supervision Cease and Desist Order, which was followed by a monetary punishment of $125K. Meanwhile Thomas P. Dore and the Courts saw to it that Ms. Cardoni never in fact received her hearing pursuant to MD §14-207.1

The simple fact is that the MD Attorney Grievance Commission (ABA Journal link) needs to open up public comment on Thomas P. Dore instead of just having a back door gland hand that hides the true measure of his misconduct.


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