20 December 2012

KingCast sees slumlord flamenco dancer Savannah Fuentes dodge sheriff service and cry to YouTube as she is exposed as a fraud.

A privacy complaint from a woman who publicly advertises her rental space? I think not.

Christopher King 3:23 PM 20 hours ago to support, ciudadflamenco, sheriff, kcso.recruiter 
12:20 pm update 19 Dec. 2012: 
Verified: Four attempts were made to serve her by way of KingCounty Sheriff/Detectives and she dodges ALL OF THEM, even though she clearly knows of the lawsuit, because it is 

a) Noted in email correspondence I sent to her and; 
b) Mention in the movie of which she complains. 

Call for Susan Dranek(sp?) at the King County Sheriff's office number I previously supplied. Now then, you clearly see what is going on here: You have a valid, newsworthy issue involving an illegal property with no written leases, illegal and potentially dangerous to deadly egress matters and a landlord dodging service and attempting to make me look like the proverbial Bad Guy. I'm not having it, nor should you. 

The movies stays up. 
Christopher King, J.D.

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