11 December 2012

KingCast sees a shady bail bond situation in Boston with bondsman John Flaherty.

My childhood friend Don Shury's (RIP) father Donald P. Shury was and I believe still is a Principal at Cleveland's A1 Bailbonds.  Now I never did much work at that level on the criminal side so I don't know how it is all supposed to work out but I do know that a bail bondsman is not supposed to hang up on you, but two people have informed me that John Flaherty 617.347.6055 did just that, today. A card-carrying ACLU member informed him that the BPD told her a young man could not be bailed out except by the victim in an alleged Domestic Violence case. That didn't make any sense to me so I got on the phone with BPD in booking or whatever and identified myself as a reporter and asked what the process is, and what statute provides that the victim has to bail you out. 

There is no statute and it doesn't make sense to me because what happens if the accused simply turns around and beats the living snot out of the victim. It seems to me the LAST person you want bailing out an alleged DV perp would be the victim, right? Anyway I was told that John Flaherty hung up on her when she told him what was going on, and he never answered my call to find out why he hung up on her or why he wouldn't get involved. Welcome to the inner hell of Boston police and politics. It's a dirty old town.

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