28 December 2012

KingCast sees Patriot Ledger report that the alleged victim in William O'Connell Statutory Rape, Cocaine trial is dead in a fiery solo car crash.

Rebecca Resendez, 14 years old at the time of the alleged Statutory rapes and drug dealings of Marina Bay developer William O'Connell died in a fiery car crash just as the trial was finally scheduled. She is reported as stating that "No one would believe me...." 

Here is the Patriot Ledger story. I applaud their coverage, actually. But remember at noted repeatedly in my courtroom coverage, the cocaine that is at issue in the Statutory Rape case involving babysitter Phyllis Capuano is most likely from the same source as the cocaine in the Quincy Road Rage case with nephew Robert O'Connell. Remember what Jennifer Bynarowicz -- owner of the car in which firefighter Joseph Fasano was riding -- said to the police on hand?

"It's my stuff. You won't believe me....(where I got it)."  Note that Ms. Bynarowicz and William O'Connell have been linked as well, chummy friends at a minimum. I documented that online but no other media dared to publish that fact. And what I still have a hard time believing is that cocaine charges were not brought for the cocaine that was on firefighter Joseph Fasano's face when Robert O'Connell shot him as he rushed up to O'Connell's Porsche. It was "recreational cocaine," watch the movie. Fascinating. Almost, but not quite as fascinating as the dearth of coverage of this death in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. Milton is a dangerous place: Death it seems, surrounds William O'Connell and Joseph Fasano recall the untimely passing of William Sanderson down off the Vineyard as well as the death of Joey Fasano's young child

The Ledger also reported on Robert O'Connell's two-month stint on the Attempted Murder case involving Joseph Fasano. He copped a Plea on 25 September, 2012 but I missed all of that as I was busy moving out of State around that time and preparing for an early November trip here to Seattle. In that case my gut tells me that Mr. O'Connell was in legitimate fear of his life. Joey Fasano is built like a walking bicep and he was on cocaine and probably other drugs and moving toward a guy built more like pencil, no offense just sayin'.

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