28 December 2012

KingCast presents: The video dirt on Kenneth J. Macksoud's lying porn star client who abused RI and MA Courts and Colin Donohue in custody case.

Click here to read the Horrible Harkin History. No, I cannot run this as the lead thumbnail; I am changing it. The real thumbnail is above it, with Kenneth J. Macksoud's client Savannah Leigh Harkin throwing a goddamn shoe at domestic violence victim Colin Donohue, shortly after she called his mother a bleeding cunt. But because Mr. Donohue has a penis, he is getting the shaft in this wonderful Court system we have here in America. He is getting tooled around in Providence, RI and in Quincy, MA.... all because of a lying woman who celebrates Internet fame as a pseudo porn star (simulated sex) who claimed to be "a private person" who is offended and threatened by the backyard videos shot by Mr. Donohue's mother. These videos in my estimation demonstrate her hateful and violent acts and constitute Perjury and Fraud upon the Court because anyone can see that she is *NOT THREATENED OR IN FEAR* 

I wrote my law school thesis in Law and Feminism and I am a Feminist. That simply means what women get equal rights to be and do what they please and should earn comparable salaries to men. It *DOES NOT* mean that they get to lie in Court and get away with it.

YouTube may well give me a hard time over this video, and if they do I will edit it and send up another version and appeal it. Whatever the case you can buy this video online as noted so it's not as if I am invading her privacy. But Kenneth Macksoud can cry and complain all he wants to but he can consider this free advertising because now every jackass lying woman who reads this knows where to go for representation. Here you go Kenny boy, here's a direct link for people to find out all about you, no charge but you owe me one in quantum meruit LOL.

Here are the YouTube policies:

YouTube staff have very clear (but complex) guidelines to follow. Any sexually suggestive content must be kept to an absolute minimum, must be firmly and obviously in context, and must not be the main focus of the video (and must not feature in the thumbnail image). 

My apologies for the quality of this video as a file was corrupted (much like too many of the Courts and many attorneys unfortunately) and the movie would not export from FC Pro, prompting me to re-shoot it as it played through. 

A Rhode Island man claims that the mother of his child lied in order to obtain a restraining order against him and that she is misusing the order and is using other means to keep him from his child and to force him to drive both ways for delivery & drop off. He claims that the TRO out of Massachusetts specifically noted that there was to be no deviation from the Family Court Order issued in Providence that provided for transportation to be shared between the two of them as any contact would be incidental.

 To my observation he makes a valid point, and it seems unreasonable that he should have to do all of the driving. He also posited an argument to the Court that he is concerned that the mother may move into Maine or another state and he was seeking an Order from the Court as denying such a move as not in the child's best interests given that he has another child with whom their child has bonded, in addition to the hardship involved as far as his opportunity to visit. The Court acted as if it wasn't going to entertain that Motion however it is a valid concern and the Court may indeed forbid a parent from moving further away from the other parent, I have seen case law on that point and seen cases myself when I practiced on this very issue.


Mr. FUBO said...

Hey that first video, approximately 0:50, no one needs to see that crap.

Christopher King said...

Dear Mr. FUBO

Ahhh, yes, the infamous fake splooge segment.

I can appreciate your opinion and yes it walks the line, however I thought it appropriate to show how ridiculous her alleged fear of cameras really is when you juxtapose her on camera conduct with her courtroom statements.

The bigger issue that no one needs to see is the lies, deceit and injustice.... she is clearly not frightened nor afraid of this man as you watch her casually calling his mother a "bleeding cunt" while throwing a goddamn shoe at him for no reason, as he just STANDS THERE and DOES NOT retaliate.