31 December 2012

KingCast New Year's Resolution #1: To laugh more at the Internet mafia, idiot reactionary chat boards like Free Republic, Daily Kos and New England Street Riders!

The New York Courts are reading along!

See also KingCast New Year's Resolution #2: Live Love Laugh Dance.
Hahahaha... after giving me the boot they went back and read some more hahahaaa... now I'm laughing Real Good! I mean, really well. I forget I was an English major, right.

This is hootlarious! I wish I had saved some of the comments from being banned at Free Republic after many people wrote in to support my position in NYC: A Family Court Referee has indirectly ordered me to remove evidence of lesbian-based judicial and systemic bias against a straight mother, Sandee Chadee as noted in the movie. There were a couple of asshats who kept trying to knock me down for being a blogger, and I responded in kind by asking them if it would have mattered if I had written the same thing while I worked for the Indianapolis Star. But many many people were applauding my tenacity and saying that civil disobedience is warranted. Anyway, naturally they did not publish what I wrote today:
I see the Free Republic has pulled my story about how the government issued an invalid Order for me to remove damaging evidence about how so-called liberal judges are doing bad things in NYC courts. The thread was here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2972619/posts
I am without a clue as to why this story was pulled but I am posting a copy of this page to my own journal page. I can only surmise that the story was pulled because I also attack Republican or allegedly conservative politicians, so the moderators have decided to excise me from the midst. If so, that would be a shallow approach to life, not so free after all, right. These guys are just as bad as Daily Kos and all the other Internet mafia make me laugh -- just a bunch of online hypocrites.

Now here is the same pattern with respect to the so-called "liberals" or "progressives" at Daily Kos who kicked me off because I doth complain too much about NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte's bogus Indictment against me that I defeated using this journal and podcasts and now I've got her all hemmed up in the U.S. Court of Appeals on a serious First Amendment issue because she and her Republican pals and the Nashua Police Department banned me from their happy little publicly-advertised rallies. Funny thing now is that now they too complain about Kelly Ayotte and for some of the very same reasons that I was KingCasting what, six or seven years ago, LOL. But some current kossacks are not sheeple; they get it. And so do others.

Then came New England Street Riders, who kicked me off for protesting too much about Triumph's faulty crankshafts in the 2002-2003 955i engines, see KingCast buyer's guide to Hinkley Triples. I am not at liberty to speak about that beyond saying what I just said, but I will say that I continue to support Triumph and will keep on riding them until I can't ride anymore :) And as to NESR, they were nowhere to be found during the Cody Eller motorcycle road rage trial, which is in substantial measure still ongoing because of the Laurie List violation regarding Pelham's Eugene Stahl.

The morale of the story is that these chat boards are nothing more than little fiefdoms that are no more into open exchange of ideas than the people and institutions they criticize. And while I will laugh about it in 2013, the truth is that it is more a crying shame.

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