15 December 2012

KingCast is Treated Like a Criminal as Connecticut Federal Court Protects Perjury from DSS wonk Roderick Bremby, Sylvania Flattery and their lawyer, Jennifer Callahan.

CT DSS Roderick Bremby tries to buy time on Rule 11 Motion for Sanction in Title XIX lawsuit
Put simply, my best political/legal movie ever, about the most important thing in the World: Protecting your family from legal and political lies, deceit and corruption. Your back story is here. And here is the Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions, which is going to be filed any day now as the 21-day safe harbor window is up tomorrow I believe.
19 Dec. 2012 global email, I have the case and will post it later: 
Everything is going to hit the fan now with the companion case of Briggs v. Bremby 12-CV-00324 denying Bremby's Motion to Dismiss in the Food Stamp issue.. Don't say I didn't tell you so. Well you can say anything you want to, I don't care. The Truth is all on my side, and on the side of other innocent victims of the lies and deceit set forth by Commissioner Bremby and his lawyers. 

This is a shame because as I told his lawyers before, I was inclined to be sympathetic to him because I feel what happened to him in Kansas was not right, as you can see by my stance with U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (read the masthead carefully).http://kellyayottesenate.blogspot.com/ 

But in this case, involving my mother, he is full of shit and I will not back down from him or anyone else, watching my mother die of Alzheimers while Bremby and his lawyers lie about it churns my stomach all day 24/7. 
Christopher King, J.D. 
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Michael Holman said...

File a claim through the claims commissioners office against himand whomever else took part in denting you access to the hearing and the officer for stating "you've made a name for yourself". He singled you out and excluded you. They want to keep their racket under wraps....

Christopher King said...

Monday comes the Motion for Sanctions. I'm just going to sit back and watch what happens to see if the Court lets them off the hook. Attorney Callahan has not yet responded to my 21 day safe harbor notice; the final version went out on 25 Nov.

Updated Motions and Memoranda from Betty J. King

Christopher King
Nov 23

to Jennifer.Calla., harp, toni.walker, gerratana, Cecilia, Anna, diane.wood, ltcop, mfinkelstein, nancy.shaffer, Phyllis, stoubman, swhite, bcc:

Counselor Callahan:

I strongly suggest you withdraw your most recent filing because if you don't I am going to push the lies contained in it to the maximum. And by that I mean straight to the bar association. Now I don't know whether your client led you on a wild goose chase hear but even if that were the case you are now informed that whatever they told you is complete bullshit and I will not stand for it under any circumstances whatsoever.

I too was a government attorney, but one thing I never did was to lie for them. I see you are a relatively young lawyer. You are facing a serious ethical dilemma, and your choices in this matter will ride with you throughout the rest of your career. Remember that.

Therefore attached please find:

1. Reply Memorandum in Support of Betty J. King Motion to Intervene.

2. Motion to Strike Affidavit of Ms. Flattery.

3. MOL in Support of Motion to Strike Affidavit of Ms. Flattery.

4. Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions against you and Commissioner Bremby.

5. MOL in Support of Sanctions against you and Commissioner Bremby.

Christopher King said...

Also Michael it is the "You've made a name for yourself" kinda thing with a negative connotation.

Why hasn't Jennifer Callahan made a name for herself by being such a liar?

CT is a cesspool, but then again I already knew that from following your case, a drug-addled mother with drug raids at the home, criminally endangering your children and yet you are somehow the villain.... false accusations of domestic violence..... America can really be one shit-pot Country at times, right.

Undaunted, we both press on.


Christopher King said...

PS: Mike you do realize that it is the AG's office that is fighting me, right? Good luck getting a different section chief to join me LOL.

Not that I haven't smoked the AG's office before.... Isreal v. Officers Rhodes, Hensley Crime Victims. V96-61481