21 December 2012

KingCast Friday updates: Rajdulari - Autumn Equinox 2012 Live Full Concert Footage movie +Roderick Bremby up Shit Creek + Cody Eller trial goes ballistic.

Those of you who follow this journal page know that the Rajdulari Music project from Harlem is one of my more important lifestyle pieces, and the Cody Eller motorcycle road rage trial with courtroom footage and analysis is one of my more important court features. Well there are going to be massive updates on both of them.

First The Good: The Rajdulari movie should be up by tonight; just need final review by the artist. It is a wonderful production made relatively simple because of the quality of the singer and her band and the love that was present that fine autumnal evening at Billie's Black. The top video is a placeholder.

Then the Not-so-Good CT DSS wonk Roderick Bremby and Cody Eller trial:  

There is a huge delay in Title XIX programs in Connecticut. DSS Commissioner Roderick Bremby and his lawyers are flat out liars, claiming that we did not complete our Title XIX application on behalf of our mother on 15 Dec. 2011 last year, but we did. Anyway in a companion case Briggs v. Bremby he got slammed on his Motion to Dismiss and on the legal theory itself, i.e. the Court found that there is an independent legal right under 42 U.S.C. §1983 how about that.

Next, whatever happened that fateful night between Cody Eller and William Hawksley -- right now standing as a Second Degree Assault and Reckless Conduct conviction -- may be about to be re-examined: First you saw the conviction, then you saw me discuss possible creative sentencing with Garage 71 while most (all) of the other biker websites sat around and watched me. Well there is certain to be a pothole in the road coming up soon:

Defense Counsel Jeffrey Kaye (seen next to Judge Colburn) on opening day at the Jury View informs me that there is now a Gag Order imposed such that his Motions to Set Aside the Verdict and for New Trial cannot be discussed. I describe the problem in the first link: Essentially Pelham Officer Eugene Stahl's name appears on a Laurie List because there is something in his background that is exculpatory in nature such that defense counsel may be permitted to inquire. Mr. Eller's lawyers were unlawfully denied that opportunity.

I found one case that indicates less-than-perfect conduct such that the DUI/DWI trial was thrown out. Prior to the gag order Attorney Kaye told me that case was not the reason; there is more.... and it may not have to do with the shooting that happened the week before the Cody Eller trial in which some kid ran from the cops and struck their cars with his. Time will tell, but time would tell better if the big money major press and their lawyers would get off their duffs and file suit to open this case.

Your Honor: Gag Orders are Unconstitutional, particularly in a case involving the public interest. This is not a divorce or child custody case so for Pete's sake let the public know what the hell is going on here. As a former Assistant State Attorney I cannot fathom why you have done this. As someone who faced a wrongful and hate-filled First Amendment beat down prosecution at the hands of former NH AG Kelly Ayotte I beat her and her attempted gag order (Oct 2005) because my case as NAACP Legal Chair was a matter of public concern so yah, I kind of think I tend to know what I am talking about, with all due respect... even though it sure did tie former NH AG John Arnold up in knots before he resigned amidst his ethics issues LOL.
"County Attorney Albrecht has withdrawn his request to amend the bail conditions so as to prohibit the publication of information about the potential witnesses in this case. He has sent the court a letter indicating that the facts in this case are insufficient "to find that the defendant's prior web site postings constitute a danger to a person or the community or are of such nature to be intimidating to a potential witness to warrant the condition in question."
KingCast: Finding fault in NH Law Enforcement is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel... because they are perpetually making mistakes that violate the public trust. But don't get mad at me I'm just Your Humble Narrator. Here are all of the KingCast Cody Eller videos. More videos at the links and below the fold, including the courtside tussle between Cody Eller's counsel and me before we smoothed things out. Do I still think that Cody Eller did something wrong? Yes I do. But do I think that there is something fishy going on as well? Yes I do even if it is only the failure to notify opposing counsel of Officer Stahl's predicament. Life gets interesting, doesn't it? 

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Christopher King said...

I am alternately LMOA and CMOA (laughing and crying my ass off) at NH Law enforcement. William Hawksley, he's mostly crying.

-The KingCaster.