26 December 2012

KingCast defies NYC Court Order to remove YouTube proof of judicial bias in custody case involving Debra Silber, Sandy Chadee and Carlos Pena.

New video up before 6p EST -- Traveling and need to find good broadband.
2 January 2013 update: NY Courts are reading along:

Perhaps they will next issue an order for the fit mother to undergo psychiatric examinations in order to cover their tracks..... same old, same old. Now then read about the "Free" Republic, LOL:

Hahahaha... after giving me the boot they went back and read some more hahahaaa... now I'm laughing Real Good! I mean, really well. I forget I was an English major, right.

I see the Free Republic has pulled my story about how the government issued an invalid Order for me to remove damaging evidence about how so-called liberal judges are doing bad things in NYC courts. The thread was here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2972619/posts.

I am without a clue as to why this story was pulled but I am posting a copy of this page to my own journal page. I can only surmise that the story was pulled because I also attack Republican or allegedly conservative politicians, so the moderators have decided to excise me from the midst. If so, that would be a shallow approach to life, not so free after all, right. These guys are just as bad as Daily Kos and all the other Internet mafia make me laugh -- just a bunch of online hypocrites.
New video coming by 4:30 EST Warner Brother put a global block on it for using music from The Wall... "Best Days of Our Lives." So the album about oppression results in censorship even though I am not for profit on YouTube. Need to make sure I have canceled the ads they keep forcing me into. This movie below is BLOCKED.

Basically, who the hell is this referee and who the hell is said referee to be telling mother Sandy Chadee what my editorial content is going to be without an evidentiary hearing and certain findings of fact and conclusions of law in accordance with required Constitutional protections awarded to the press?  

Dear Attorney Mitek: I have reviewed what appears to be a Court ORDER directed at me by way of a third party who has absolutely no editorial control over what I chose to publish. As the ORDER appears to be in violation of my First Amendment Rights, principles and duties incumbent of the Fourth Estate I am going to respectfully decline to follow any such ORDER unless or until a Court of competent jurisdiction holds an evidentiary hearing that addresses the threshold requirements involved in any Prior Restraint sort of case, i.e. compelling governmental interest, narrowly tailored, least restrictive means, etc. See my related journal entry and upcoming movie (later this evening) on this matter. 

Should you wish to actively pursue this issue, please email me here to arrange for a mutually satisfactory time to schedule a hearing on the merits as I am on the West Coast throughout the Holiday Season. We can determine what address should be used for any Subpoenas at that time and we will then go forward with an eye toward protection of any and all Constitutional interests as the Law requires. 


I will say this: I have never lost a First Amendment defense issue personally or an behalf of any criminal client in years gone by. Further, I am 75/25 W/L on offense. The name of the journal is the name of the game. 
Respectfully submitted,

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