15 December 2012

KingCast better late than never update: Louboutin wins! Well, sort of.

KingCast knows Patent and Trademark Law but Cannot understand why CT Federal Court slammed an ALZ patient i... 15 Dec 2012 update: As implied almost a year ago Louboutin won. Well actually the Judge implied it himself, I just don't think he recognized the import of his words. Although it's not quite so clear... because IIRC the YSL shoes were monochrome and the Court held no infraction there, so both sides can gloat a bit. Read the back story here. Funny I thought I had set a Lexis tickler for this case but whatever. Maybe there should have been a settlement....I know a lot about the law and what should happen in Court, but as to why an Alzheimer's patient was locked out of Federal Court in Connecticut yesterday when she was clearly entitled to be in a settlement conference relating to DSS/Title XIX/Medicaid processing delays occasioned by Roderick Bremby, remains to be seen. Commissioner Bremby clearly perjured himself to boot, but the Court has not acknowledged it yet. Take time to take a look.

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Christopher King said...

Dear Reporter Levin-Becker:

I commented on your story from Friday, which was posted as I was busy making this movie and being locked out of court.
Are you going to cover my story?
Anyone can see that they are lying, as a member of the Fourth Estate do you find that acceptable?


In the Federal Court case (Shafer v. Bremby 2012-CV-0039) I have filed a Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions today, 17 December 2010 because Commissioner Bremby and his lawyers have outright lied about the submission date for my mother's Title XIX Medicaid application. I am a First Amendment scholar and have written for large daily press prior to law school so don't worry about Defamation here.... and I have the emails and other documents to support what I say. Look at them right here on line and in today's movie:


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