21 December 2012

Child law guardian Rita Kaufman removed from case as NY Court asks KingCast to remove negative comment about liar and bad dad Carlos Pena in Sandy Chadee v. Carlos Pena child custody matter.

NY Courts are reading along!
Perhaps they will try to order the fit mother
to undergo psychiatric exams next.
Try to cover those tracks any way they can, right.

Dear Attorney Mitek:

I have reviewed what appears to be a Court ORDER directed at me by way of a third party who has absolutely no editorial control over what I chose to publish. As the ORDER appears to be in violation of my First Amendment Rights, principles and duties incumbent of the Fourth Estate I am going to respectfully decline to follow any such ORDER unless or until a Court of competent jurisdiction holds an evidentiary hearing that addresses the threshold requirements involved in any Prior Restraint sort of case, i.e. compelling governmental interest, narrowly tailored, least restrictive means, etc.

See my related journal entry and upcoming movie (later this evening) on this matter. Should you wish to actively pursue this issue, please email me here to arrange for a mutually satisfactory time to schedule a hearing on the merits as I am on the West Coast throughout the Holiday Season. We can determine what address should be used for any Subpoenas at that time and we will then go forward with an eye toward protection of any and all Constitutional interests as the Law requires.

I will say this: I have never lost a First Amendment defense issue personally or an behalf of any criminal client in years gone by. Further, I am 75/25 W/L on offense. The name of the journal is the name of the game.

Respectfully submitted,

Preamble: $85K is no princely sum, particularly in NYC and especially to deal with the heartache and headache that a Family Court deals with. However, that being said there is no reason for the Court, by and through Sr. Court Attorney Jennifer N. Mitek, to make it harder on itself than it has to be, and trying to truncate my First Amendment Rights without Due Process and an evidentiary hearing is one way certain to make your life a living hell, just ask Senator Kelly Ayotte (First Cir. Ct. App 12-1891) who has $120K in her defense fund according to a Sunlight Foundation reporter who interviewed me at length last week. Now I will gladly attend an evidentiary hearing that countenances the principles enunciated below, and where I can remind the Court that Carlos Pena issued a false police complaint against Sandy Chadee and Yours Truly......
Video and details later but there is no way in hell I am removing anything from my web journals.

Dear Ms. Chadee: I am in receipt of your email with a Court ORDER directing you to somehow take control of my editorial content such that I remove any and all postings relative to Carlos Pena and his family. I will not entertain any such notion.

The things that Mr. Pena have said and done, and the directives and omissions of the Court are a matter of public interest. As such all of my work will remain online barring a showing of a narrowly-tailored, compelling governmental interest as adjudicated by a Court ORDER after taking testimony from me. 25 Dec add-in: Least Restrictive Means, can't forget that too or I will sue the living snot out of that Court for Injunctive Relief at a minimum.

The Court seems to have forgotten that Mr. Pena falsely accused me (and you) of unlawful harassment in front of a Police Station while police were standing right next to him. He filed such charges with the Police under Oath and at some point I intend to take civil and criminal action against him based on those false and defamatory statements.

As such, you can take this email straight to the Court and advise them of my contact information so that the Court can subpoena me for a hearing. The Court should of course be aware of my history as a First Amendment trial attorney and of the fact that Prior Restraint is unlawful unless I am divulging information about the child himself. I will forward my address to you under separate cover.

Best regards,

Christopher King, J.D.
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