13 November 2012

Judge Paul Barbadoro Hates Christopher King and KingCast So Much He Lied About Hearsay in Liko Kenney v. Bruce McKay, Town of Franconia and Gregory Floyd, 2010-CV-181

Judge Paul Barbadoro unlawfully held that my Affidavit was hearsay after I obtained police protocol from the Town of Franconia that clearly showed how Bruce McKay violated same, just prior to being shot and killed by Liko Kenney. As you can see by the thumbnail, the Littleton Courier recognized that Bruce McKay "clearly" violated the protocol. Moreover, any law student, law professor or Judge with an ounce of integrity can clearly see that my Affidavit (with the documents obtained by and through Franconia counsel Dan Mullen) is not hearsay. But Judge Barbadoro --the same Judge who once represented the dirtiest Judge in U.S. History (John C. Fairbanks who killed himself in a Vegas Hotel room BTW) needed to protect the State, so he said that it was hearsay. Unbelievable. But true.

Scroll down a bit for some back story on Judge Barbadoro and the dirtiest Judge in U.S. History, John C. Fairbanks. By the way Oral Argument in the Liko Kenney case will be held in December or January. Defense Counsel requested a continuance. 

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