29 November 2012

Deval Patrick nominates Peter Krupp for Suffolk County Judge to replace Regina Quinlan, but what happened to Robert Iacoviello's Dan Talbot Murder appeal?

Run a word search on KingCast blog (i.e. Chris King's First Amendment Page) for Talbot + Gatorade and you will see some relevant journal entries from one of the most troubling criminal trials I have ever been part of as lawyer or journalist. From the drunken cops and the gang taunting to allegations of other substances being used (read: cocaine) to the phantom Gatorade bullet allegedly shot by Officer Soto the whole trial was basically a joke, or a crying shame.

Perhaps even more troubling than the phantom gatorade bottle bullet and the stricken testimony of the young man in white is the fact that no appeal ever was filed despite Attorney Peter Krupp's promises to do so. Said promises were contemporaneously noted on exclusive KingCast video and to other reporters. There were emails from Attorney Krupp from me that I will not divulge pursuant to my promises..... but regardless of all of that, what happened? Was it the family's choice? Was there are quiet deal made regarding parole? Did Attorney Krupp sell out to get his judicial nomination from Deval Patrick -- a man known for failing to vigorously prosecute law enforcement hooligans? Inquiring minds want to know!

By the way, that man in the white you see in the video is Michael Racca if I recall correctly.... and he is one of the only young witnesses who actually has his life in order. Mr. Racca testified that Derek Lodie told him moments after the shooting: 
"[Lodie] had first related to me that the kids had a gun, we thought they were kids but we all know now that they were officers. They had flashed a gun to him at first, and that's when he said he showed them what it really meant to have a gun."
Lodie of course ended up with a sweetheart deal, also documented exclusively on KingCast cameras and related in print by Revere Journal's Seth Daniels and Yours Truly. Mr. Lodie sure did have himself a shit-eating grin didn't he? That's because you really need to watch this video to learn how disturbing this whole scenario is because Derek Lodie and know liar Michael Picardi involved in this case had criminally threatened someone else in a very similar fashion 3 days before the Dan Talbot shooting went down.

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