01 November 2012

New Hampshire D-7 Senate Debate: Andrew Hosmer's thugs attempt to barricade him away from KingCast questions on mortgages, taxes, Constitutional Amendments and Nannygate.

As noted in the new shorty version "Get to know Andrew Hosmer in 3 minutes," Ray Buckley and company have no shame when it comes to scandalous allegations but when they get hit with some potential dirt on themselves they clam up instead of opening up. Candidate Youssef, in contrast, has been an open book about everything including the fact that that Judges he criticized have also been the subject of legislative censure by the House Redress and Grievances Committee. But of course Candidate Hosmer declined to answer any of my questions about Constitutional legislative/judicial reform in CAC 26 because he is one of those lawyers who is part of the system and who will not openly criticize it. All the more reason to vote for someone other than Andrew Hosmer in my book.

 Anonymous said... Can you please go back to Ohio? 7:00 PM 

Christopher King said... You don't even have the nerve to identify yourself. 
I am back in Ohio, on the radio even. And I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere you don't want me to be. 
 Later Hater. 
 -The KingCaster. 12:56 PM

Video forthcoming, here's your back story. Candidate Hosmer made a lot of noise tonight as he bellowed about Constitutional Rights, however to him the Freedom of the Press is not one of them. Now I doubt he would try to get away with this with a member of the mainstream press so what gives him the nerve to think he can get away with it with me. He gets a little money and power and thinks he can walk all over me, but frankly I am not impressed or intimidated by his money or power and I refuse to be a member of the lapdog press. I graduated from a better law school and before that I grew up around a ton of money and power, typically wielded with much more civility than his camp demonstrated tonight. If he doesn't answer questions and sends his thugs to block me from talking to him then he sets himself up for criticism, and if he maintains that path if he should win the race I'm still going to be there. I have a long history in the North Country.  

As to the "Nannygate" issue the Candidate said he would talk with me -- he did not but his wife came over and explained to me in detail what an au pair is.  I know full well what an au pair is, the question is whether any of the au pairs were conferring childcare services to the Hosmer family or being paid under the table for that.  Whilr the Hosmer camp was busy failing to  respond to me I discovered and published the other allegations about "nanny gate" and now they are upset. Tonight they asked me about my sourcing but the sourcing was self-evident (Granite Grok) because I pasted it into the movies. Also tonight Lucas Meyer -- the same campaign manager who promised a meeting with me on the phone AFTER I told him I was taping -- got up with 3 or 4 large gentlemen to muscle me out of the picture until I backed away and began narrating what was going on. That's Lucas there playing defensive half-back.
Be that as it may, all I wanted was a response to the standard battery of questions and now they want to get upset with me for publishing what I had. For his part candidate Hosmer flip-flopped tonight: First he said he and I were going to talk, then as he was leaving I asked him whether or not that would happen "before the election."

"Probably not."
"That's what I thought."

All on video. Here is the first video below, and note that I ask the question, I do NOT give the answer...... so there's nothing there. It might behove Candidate Hosmer to be a bit less stand-offish and here's why: First of all, I tend to agree more with him than Candidate Youssef on women's rights with respect to abortion and choice, for one. I have written a story defending Mr. Youssef against a slice of yellow journalism but we are not, nor have we ever been, friends. I have met the guy a total of 4 times now including tonight. And I find it interesting that Mr. Hosmer's wife focussed strictly on the nanny gate questions when really I am more concerned about what his stance is on mortgage foreclosure fraud, ahem. The Nannygate thing is an unfortunate distraction.


Anonymous said...

Can you please go back to Ohio?

Christopher King said...

You don't even have the nerve to identify yourself. I am back in Ohio. And I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere you don't want me to be.

Later Hater.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Your "work" is an embarrassment. You claim to be reporting the news - but really you are just promoting yourself. And you frankly aren't that interesting.

Also, that recording of the Hosmer aide during the telephone call? Did you know it's illegal to record people in NH without telling them you are doing that?

Christopher King said...

I think you doth protest too much. I have uncovered dirt through legal research that most majors won't dare touch.

I have written and edited for large and medium press and am a First Amendment scholar and my skills have been recognized by local politicians including but not limited to the former Mayor of Nashua, NH and the Aldermen who awarded me a Mayoral Commendation for First Amendment activity for the public's Right-to-Know.

I am registered with the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

Northeastern Journalism professor Dan Kennedy has included me on his journalism tweeters association.

The fact that you don't like what I do or how I promote it is of no moment to me.

Have a nice day though.

-The KingCaster.

PS: By the way I am well aware of what states are one and two party states and Mr. Hosmer's campaign manager was duly apprised that I was recording. But it wouldn't surprise me to see him try to deny it, given his attempts to barricade me away from the candidate.

As far as Mr. Hosmer's latest shenanigans with that battered woman, I hope to god Mr. Youssef sues the pants off of him for that. There is case law supporting such a lawsuit.

Bottom line: You can kiss my ass.

Christopher King said...

Oh yah I forgot to say as far as being embarrassed, I would say Attorney Hosmer is the one wearing the egg, same way the State was when they tried to come after my clients or me on First Amendment issues.

Care to watch?

Because I've got a go-to-hell video just for you:

KingCast, unlike AG or Senator Kelly Ayotte, actually wins First Amendment Trials!


I don't promote myself so much as I promote the Truth and open government. But given that, yes I will unequivocally tell you that I am one of the best things that ever happened to the First Amendment in New England whether you like it or not.

Especially if you don't.

Christopher King said...

Opinions are like noses I guess:

From the Cody Eller trial updates:


Anonymous said...
Been a biker myself for 50 years.
(I was taught to ride by American servicemen in Goose Bay, Labrador, in 1962.) Worked as a wrench in bikeshops for 4 or 5 years, ridden across the USofA a couple of times.

Very impressed with what you are doing- how do I stay posted on this?

8:18 AM


Remember the Quincy Road Rage coverage?