06 November 2012

KingCast sees Massive Nashua Exit 6 crash leaves biker down, cars bashed and strewn about.

Video late night. I didn't have the best lenses for this but you can make it out fairly well. All prayers for everyone involved.
My old First Amendment pal Michael Brindley reports everyone was all right!


Anonymous said...


I was there for this accident, it is nothing short of a miracle that nobody was killed in this accident. The Motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet and got dumped on the road, their bike may have been bumped from behind causing them to spill onto the road, but I am not sure.
At least one vehicle swerved into the breakdown lane/onto the grass to avoid the bike/biker, and a Caravan screeched to a halt a bit in front of the bike, only to be rear-ended by an Escalade.
From what was mentioned on scene it appeared that the worst injury is that the biker may have broken a toe.

Christopher King said...

Wow, thanks for the update, will post on YouTube.