10 November 2012

KingCast: British Bike, American First Amendment Film Making.

Just remember if you are out in public and betraying the public trust I'm liable to roll up on you at any time with any one of several cameras blaring to catch you in a crossfire. 
That is what the First Amendment is all about folks so I am having every bit of it.
Here's a classic.... the clerks was all up in my grille and he was flat out wrong so I schooled him good, not once but twice. The first time they called the building police on me and we had it out and the Chief sent me right back upstairs with the clear understanding that I was allowed to video record someone filing a damn document. But then a week or so later he was stuck on stupid and tried to come back and me and I schooled him again, second time same as the first.

And while I am at it, the Courts really don't like you embarrassing the purportedly upstanding members of the bar, even when they are lying their eyeballs off. I can assure you that KingCast is one of the major reasons that NH changed their camera policies such that cameras are no longer permitted in the hallways. But before the change I publicly outed one Shawn Masterson when he claimed to have Jeanne Ingress' original note/mortgage/assignments in his desk at the office. Yah, shoor you had the original documents Shawn, sure you did. You just chose not to accept the KingCast Veuve Clicquot challenge because you don't like the stuff, a teetotaler, right. That's all right home spice I drank yours for you.

Now what really gets fun is how the underlying issue in Shawn Masterson's case before Judge Diane Nicolosi is that Sand Canyon AND robo-signer Linda Green were involved in the chain of title but Her Honor let everything sail right on through, move along nothing to see here. Yet several months later in Federal District Court Judge LaPlante ruled otherwise on the exact same issue in Drouin v. AHMSI, same exact cast of characters and same fact pattern, i.e. Sand Canyon had ceased to exist at a time it allegedly assigned a mortgage. I'm not kidding, I can't make this stuff up I just report it. KingCast and Mortgage Movies: Riders of the Revolution.

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