01 November 2012

Dirty Judge payoff... err... "loan" family lawyer Kenneth J. Macksoud dodges cameras in court.

Last week something made me uneasy about the way Kenneth J. Macksoud objected to KingCast cameras in the Courtroom, and I just didn't like his overall demeanor, so I did a little Lexis search and lo and behold, come to find out that he was one of several attorneys who were involved in "loaning" money to a judge sitting in the very same courtrooms in which he practiced i.e. family court.

Here is your back story on the underlying case in which, among other things, the father is driving to and fro 80 miles just to see his child while the mother sits at home in Massachusetts. The father also believes the mother may be trying to move further away into Maine and he is seeking an order against that given the hardship to him, but more importantly the best interests of the child because the mother has admitted there's no real support system up in Maine if she goes there. They had planned to stay in Providence back in the Day because of a superior support system, including his other child with whom this child has bonded. In open Court last week the Judge acted as if he didn't have jurisdiction to issue such and Order but believe me, he does. Stay tuned.

PS: I forgot the best part. As noted in the movie, the father says the mother told him that her lawyer told her to disobey a Court Order more fully explained in movie #1. I question in the movie whether we can trust Attorney Macksoud's integrity because as Al Pacino (Carlito) noted to Sean Penn (Kleinfeld) 
"Once you cross over you can't go back... you ain't a lawyer no more.... You on the Other Side now. It's a whole new ball game. And you can't learn it at school and you can't have a late start....."


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