30 November 2012

KingCast presents: Spy vs. Spy!

KingCast and Ol' Yaller weather advisory: "Get your bikes out!"

I don't want no excuses boys and girls I mean to see your butts out there in the wind!
I've got a photo shoot in NYC next week hell yah I'm riding LOL.
Just wish it had been this nice for the Cody Eller trial.

KingCast celebrates writer Michael Volpe and NH State Rep Kevin Avard for exposing Kelly Ayotte's dirt and corruption in the Gerard Beloin whistleblower case.

Here is your back story from the 27 October journal entry entitled "Writer Michael Volpe knows Kelly Ayotte is a Dirty lawyer and dirty Pol... that's why he covered the Gerard Beloin whistleblower case." Mr. Beloin and I spoke often throughout his ordeal because Kelly Ayotte was trying (and failing) to imprison me as NAACP Legal Chair at the same time. She's a piece of work, really. And she has also worked her way into a free press First Amendment Appellate case as well, read the brief here.

29 November 2012

KingCast sees folks at Twitchy and Twitter understand Kelly Ayotte is an anti-woman, anti-free press hater in the Rice/KingCast cases.

Here is your main journal entry on my First Circuit Court of Appeals Brief in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD. Here is the discussion about Kelly Ayotte running interference for people with penises in yesterday's feature "Libs Demean Ayotte as 'token woman' in sexist [Susan] Rice inquiry." Now before we get to the brief let me show you how Kelly Ayotte protects people who definitely do not like women in an older video I posted a couple of years ago. And then below the Appellate Brief you will see a current movie about how Politico failed to adequately report the news. Then below the fold is a good Kelly Ayotte "Not Ready for Prime Time" video. In this instance Politico is acting like mainstream press and allowing haters like Kelly Ayotte to make a run against free press that threatens the very foundations of the Fourth Estate. I will not stand for it.KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD First Circuit Free Press Appellate Brief 12-1891

Deval Patrick nominates Peter Krupp for Suffolk County Judge to replace Regina Quinlan, but what happened to Robert Iacoviello's Dan Talbot Murder appeal?

Run a word search on KingCast blog (i.e. Chris King's First Amendment Page) for Talbot + Gatorade and you will see some relevant journal entries from one of the most troubling criminal trials I have ever been part of as lawyer or journalist. From the drunken cops and the gang taunting to allegations of other substances being used (read: cocaine) to the phantom Gatorade bullet allegedly shot by Officer Soto the whole trial was basically a joke, or a crying shame.

Perhaps even more troubling than the phantom gatorade bottle bullet and the stricken testimony of the young man in white is the fact that no appeal ever was filed despite Attorney Peter Krupp's promises to do so. Said promises were contemporaneously noted on exclusive KingCast video and to other reporters. There were emails from Attorney Krupp from me that I will not divulge pursuant to my promises..... but regardless of all of that, what happened? Was it the family's choice? Was there are quiet deal made regarding parole? Did Attorney Krupp sell out to get his judicial nomination from Deval Patrick -- a man known for failing to vigorously prosecute law enforcement hooligans? Inquiring minds want to know!

By the way, that man in the white you see in the video is Michael Racca if I recall correctly.... and he is one of the only young witnesses who actually has his life in order. Mr. Racca testified that Derek Lodie told him moments after the shooting: 
"[Lodie] had first related to me that the kids had a gun, we thought they were kids but we all know now that they were officers. They had flashed a gun to him at first, and that's when he said he showed them what it really meant to have a gun."
Lodie of course ended up with a sweetheart deal, also documented exclusively on KingCast cameras and related in print by Revere Journal's Seth Daniels and Yours Truly. Mr. Lodie sure did have himself a shit-eating grin didn't he? That's because you really need to watch this video to learn how disturbing this whole scenario is because Derek Lodie and know liar Michael Picardi involved in this case had criminally threatened someone else in a very similar fashion 3 days before the Dan Talbot shooting went down.

25 November 2012

KingCast Cool Cats Series Continues... Sharp as a Laser!

What a shot, right. Really. I have more, some from my real camera and they are "better" in quality perhaps but anyway like I said what a shot, right.

Cool Cats Series.

24 November 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Journal present: The DocX Lorraine Brown Guilty Plea in Florida Federal Case No. 3:12-CR-198-J-25MCR.

Here is the NYTimes Gretchen Morgenson story along with the U.S. DOJ press release. Did you know that former NH AG Kelly Ayotte had a mortgage task force? Yep, check it out
But it was complete nonsense, never did a gosh darn thing, heck she even ignored someone forging my name to a mortgage when I was a licensed Title Insurance Producer, how 'bout them apples, just watch the top video at about 1:44. Politico followed it, and they know she is full of dookie yet they have thus far failed to really get after her as far as her contempt for free press that has landed her in the First Circuit Court of Appeals across from Yours Truly. Read my Appeal Brief and again just watch the video at bottom.
There is also the matter of another DocX Lorraine Brown plea deal in Missouri, below the fold. There are no bankster trials or convictions to report in the U.S., but there are a few in Iceland.... perhaps we need to take note and learn how to do it. The revolution starts on journal pages just like this one. Click to see the Nexis entry on Missouri.

22 November 2012

KingCast says "Happy Thanksgiving except to the liars and haters."

The liars and haters get the knife.

KingCast and Betty J. King move for Rule 11 Sanctions against Commissioner Roderick Bremby and Attorney Jennifer Callahan ct29033 in nasty CT Title XIX Medicaid case.

CT DSS Roderick Bremby tries to buy time on Rule 11 Motion for Sanction in Title XIX lawsuit
Video forthcoming. I am completely disgusted by the State's pack of lies.
Shafer v. Bremby CT 12-CV-0039 Motion to Strike Affidavit of liar Silvania Flattery CT Roderick Bremby and CT AG tell lies in Title XIX Medicaid lawsuit; may be sanctioned by Court in Shafer ... Dear Commissioner Bremby and Attorney Callahan: 
You two and your happy little Affiant Silvana M. Flattery are a bunch of jive turkeys. First of all Flattery's Affidavit must be stricken because she has no firsthand knowledge of what I sent Diane Wood. Only Diane Wood can offer an Affidavit but she won't because she won't lie to cover your tracks. Therefore I am not even reading said Affidavit. All right, I did read it and note that she claims the W-1 was not sent until fall of 2012 when in point of fact I have proof that it was sent in November of 2011 as noted below. Then there were at least ten (10) emails to Diane Wood requesting additional information about what Intervenor could do to expedite the process with no mention from her about any outstanding issues, because you are a couple of jive turkeys. 
[Back story one and two for newbies.]

I do not suffer lies and fools gladly, and I am going to be submitting my counter Affidavit to the Court along with various emails proving that my mother's application was provided in full in December of 2011, or nine (9) months prior.  Apparently you all believe I don't have the common sense to retain emails when dealing with government attorneys, even though I was a government attorney. I aim to rip you to shreds for your patent dishonesty because you did not make a Good Faith inquiry into the substance of your arguments on timeliness. All you had to do was check your emails. 

However thank you for this because it neatly removes any credibility you were hoping to establish with the Court regarding your other defenses. If you will lie about receipt of documents you will lie about anything.  A Motion for Sanctions will be sent to you contemporaneously with this Reply Memorandum under the Fair Harbor provisions of Rule 11.

21 November 2012

KingCast presents: Seattle's Savannah Fuentes, another slumlord who will be sued.

March 2014 Update: Incredibly, she avoided service indefinitely, then on the court date they called the case in the morning when the Plaintiff had been told, in writing, that it was an afternoon session. Makes you wonder if she's got a buddy on the inside, right. So the case is dismissed for now.... for now. We will pop up at some point when she least expects it and I will personally serve her ass on KingCast camera, LOL Savannah your day is coming.

26 Nov. 2012 update -- Savannah Fuentes no doubt complained to YouTube and YouTube incorrectly removed video number one. Not to worry, video number two is loading now and the lawsuit is being filed this week. Read the comments for more info.

Those of you searching Craigslist for a place to land in Seattle may be tempted to sign up with area Flamenco dancer Savannah Fuentes, sight unseen. That's because the pictures she posts on behalf of her father Jorge and herself (they definitely appear to be co-owners at 906 14th Avenue) indicate a nice, clean and orderly home. In point of fact it is nothing like that, and she will keep your last month's rent money when you move to better digs and refuse to speak to you when you ask for it. Trust me I heard it all. Too bad I couldn't record it because Washington is a two-party state, but I just rolled my video and turned the victim onto the local small claims court. It's not nearly as bad as the Boston Southie building I focused on several months ago the last time I was in Seattle, oddly enough but it is bad enough, with obvious code violations up to and including fire egress issues of the same sort that prompted me to draft Robert Taylor's Law, a bill that was eventually presented by Massachusetts Senator Bruce Tarr.

Ms. Fuentes is horrible and completely arrogant and I heard it with my own two ears so for that I am here to teach her a lesson and help my friend get a judgment against her and get her money back. Not only that, it's time for a visit to the code inspector's office. There is simply no need for anyone to put up with this BS in today's day and age. I'll dance to that.

19 November 2012

KingCast says "Oy Vey! another year has been past, and Scott Hyman's $1.7M anti-Semitic Jury Verdict is still absolutely worthless."

I used to update on Scott Hyman's stagnant case every few months, but from now on I will just post up after the High Holy Days every year or so, right. For those of you who don't know, Scott Hyman is a Jewish fellow and he and his Gentile neighbors Don and Julie Prescott won a $1.7M Jury Verdict fair and square after their neighborhood association in Lakeville, Massachusetts was found to have engaged in unlawful discrimination. You know, gunshots, urine, feces, verbal taunting, etc. But has the Hemlock Association ever had to pay anything out since the June/July 2010 Jury Verdict? Nope. 

Here's why: Judge Cosgrove granted a motion to set aside the Verdict and/or for New Trial with an Order. The Plaintiff's counsel filed Motion for Reconsideration because the Defense Counsel's own arguments supported a legal malpractice case by their clients but nothing else.... basically they failed to object to testimony coming in about the firebombing and urine and feces. Subsequently they claimed that there was not enough evidence to tie the homeowners' association to these acts. However, in Massachusetts the rule is that if you fail to object you lose your right to request post trial relief, simple, boom, bam out. But the Court has deliberated on this for yet another year, since the time I wrote the original Oy Vey! journal entry. See also "neighbors." This means that Scott Hyman is screwed: He cannot appeal the Order for New Trial because no final Entry has been set in the Record. He cannot conduct a new trial for the same reason. And lastly, his counsel cannot negotiate a settlement pending appeal because they have no leverage. And people wonder why I hate the legal system in spite of the fact that I graduated from a top-50 law school and have won a few trials of my own. Justice delayed.... is Justice denied. 

18 November 2012

KingCast Presents: Fun Times at Fremont Sunday Market.

More, much more to follow. And yes, there is video. At KingCast.net there is always video. Fremont Sunday Market.

KingCast says "Hello Mr. Squirrel..."

Too bad I saw him so fast I had my camera set on moderate ISO from last nights activities but hey still a decent shot for composition if nothing else.

KingCast and Garage 71 suggest creative sentencing in Cody Eller motorcycle road rage case as State screw up imperils Verdict.

Here is your back story -- guilty journal entry. Meanwhile....

The sentencing hearing is allegedly in February. The Motion for New Trial/Set Aside Verdict is still sitting in chambers with an attendant gag order. When you search Pelham Officer Eugene Stahl on this page you'll see the issue. The Union Leader is well aware of the issue and I may mention it next week when we tape Kevin Avard's show in Nashua: The Laurie List debacle is a matter of public interest, and with 60 cops on that list it is a game of Russian Roulette as to when one of them is going to potentially expose the State to some sort of liability. As I note in the video I am disgusted as a former State Attorney, as a former criminal defense attorney and as a past current and future motorcyclist. Anyway here are the State's closing argument segments that I caught on video, and you can clearly see that there is a heavy reliance on Officer Stahl's testimony and credibility. Too bad in the Saviano case a DUI charge was dismissed because of Stahl's conduct in questioning the suspect at the scene.... a similar issue to what is going on in the Cody Eller case. And from what I understand there is yet another more recent case that landed Officer Stahl on the Laurie List.

I say from what I understand because Cody Eller's Motion for a New Trial and to Set Aside the Verdict has been sealed and gag orders on the attorneys are in place. I find all of this to be completely unconstitutional and if I find the time and money I will sue over it. 

The Union Leader has no excuse. They have the time and they most certainly have the money. So where is the intellectual fortitude and Fourth Estate Integrity? On to the closing argument from Kent E. Smith, who is a heavy in the DA's Office.

"It's a simple case......" click to read 15 Jan 2013 journal entry.

16 November 2012

KingCast Presents: Space Needle Beetle and other Cool Cars of Capitol Hill.

Sunshine yellow '73 V-Dub cresting 11th wearing space needle hat.
This is the moment you say "dammit I wish I had my real camera."

Big Mike and his Bimmers. I will have another '02 one day.

Friend of mine's father bought him one brand new in '86. What a car.
The old guard, no descriptions necessary. Ramble on.

14 November 2012

KingCast prepares to file his First Circuit Federal Appeal in Free Press case against Kelly Ayotte, GOP & Nashua PD... only to see online court filings disappearing from Wepapers and Scribd.

My email to Politico's Scott Wong and Nashua Telegraph's Patrick Meighan: 
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 18:42:00 -0500 
Subject: Re: KingCast v. Ayotte et al. First Circuit Free Press Appellate Brief as filed. 

Dear Pat and Scott: 
I look forward to your ongoing coverage; you both asked me for updates on when I filed so you could report on the issues at hand, so I trust you both will do the right thing and report on them. Scott I hope you are now sensitized to the issue of whether a case is "frivolous" because if it is the Court does NOT tell both sides to carry their respective costs. The issues I am raising are complex and serious, including the issue of who paid the Nashua PD to be at the Ayotte events. 

Certainly I have my detractors in the Internet-O-Sphere but I will tell you this: A First Amendment dilettante I am not. And when I put pen to paper or finger to keypad the arguments I make are very real and substantial regardless of the outcome, and not only that, they indirectly affect you, Patrick and any other journalist. That is all I have to say at this point.

Very amusing how some folks find my websites... the search terms are hoot:
"Is Kelly Ayotte stupid?"
"Kelly Ayotte jerk"
KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD First Circuit Free Press Appellate Brief 12-1891

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and the GOP hate free press so much they call the Nashua Police on reporters they don't like at their publicly- advertised events. 

 John McCain is one of Kelly Ayotte's BFF's, and he likes to eject black reporters from his events for no reason as well, so I'm sure he and Kelly had a good laugh when they did it to me in Nashua at the VFW of all places.... you know, where they celebrate men and women who died fighting for freedoms we hold so dear in this Country.

I'm KingCast.net and I'm proud to be an American. And I approve this message!

So here is the Appellate brief in First Circuit Case No. 12-1891 and the four Assignments of Error are below. Meanwhile, go read this journal entry containing the Second Amended Complaint. Try to click on the link under said complaint and you get the picture above, nice. And this is hardly the first time that shit like this has happened when dealing with the powers-that-be.

To wit, I had an entire journal page dedicated to Kelly Ayotte just disappear about two (2) years ago. And Scribd is infamous for just making my docs disappear. Welcome to America, the land of the free.... but more importantly the home of the brave.

I. The Lower Court committed reversible error by refusing to allow Plaintiff-Appellant KingCast to file a Third Amended Complaint addressing Nashua PD’s pattern and practice of First Amendment violations and Defendant Kelly Ayotte’s Defamatory statements about Plaintiff-Appellant used to generate funds to defend this Action.

II. The Lower Court committed reversible error by applying Ashcroft v. Iqbal 129 S. Ct. 1937 (2009) and Bell Atlantic v. Twombly, 550 U.S. 544 (2007) to fact-based issues of disparate treatment where Plaintiff has a right to a Jury to determine whether his First Amendment Rights were violated, particularly at the Crowne Plaza and VFW events.

III. The Lower Court committed reversible error under Ashcroft v. Iqbal 129 S. Ct. 1937 (2009) and Bell Atlantic v. Twombly, 550 U.S. 544 (2007) by determining that there is no way possible that the events in question were public events.
IV. The Lower Court committed reversible error under Ashcroft v. Iqbal 129 S. Ct. 1937 (2009) and Bell Atlantic v. Twombly, 550 U.S. 544 (2007) by determining that there is no way possible that the conduct of Defendants was racially-motivated.

13 November 2012

Judge Paul Barbadoro Hates Christopher King and KingCast So Much He Lied About Hearsay in Liko Kenney v. Bruce McKay, Town of Franconia and Gregory Floyd, 2010-CV-181

Judge Paul Barbadoro unlawfully held that my Affidavit was hearsay after I obtained police protocol from the Town of Franconia that clearly showed how Bruce McKay violated same, just prior to being shot and killed by Liko Kenney. As you can see by the thumbnail, the Littleton Courier recognized that Bruce McKay "clearly" violated the protocol. Moreover, any law student, law professor or Judge with an ounce of integrity can clearly see that my Affidavit (with the documents obtained by and through Franconia counsel Dan Mullen) is not hearsay. But Judge Barbadoro --the same Judge who once represented the dirtiest Judge in U.S. History (John C. Fairbanks who killed himself in a Vegas Hotel room BTW) needed to protect the State, so he said that it was hearsay. Unbelievable. But true.

Scroll down a bit for some back story on Judge Barbadoro and the dirtiest Judge in U.S. History, John C. Fairbanks. By the way Oral Argument in the Liko Kenney case will be held in December or January. Defense Counsel requested a continuance. 

10 November 2012

KingCast says "I'm outta' here!"

Corrupt politicians and lawyers can breathe easy for a coupla' weeks LOL..... except for Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD because I have a First Circuit Appeal coming for them in a few days that's for sure.