18 October 2012

KingCast video updates on Cody Eller final pretrial events and trial on 29 October, 2012.

The sentencing hearing is allegedly in February. The Motion for New Trial/Set Aside Verdict is still sitting in chambers with an attendant gag order. When you search Pelham Officer Eugene Stahl on this page you'll see the issue. The Union Leader is well aware of the issue and I may mention it next week when we tape Kevin Avard's show in Nashua: The Laurie List debacle is a matter of public interest, and with 60 cops on that list it is a game of Russian Roulette as to when one of them is going to potentially expose the State to some sort of liability. As I note in the video I am disgusted as a former State Attorney, as a former criminal defense attorney and as a past current and future motorcyclist. Anyway here are the State's closing argument segments that I caught on video, and you can clearly see that there is a heavy reliance on Officer Stahl's testimony and credibility. Too bad in the Saviano case a DUI charge was dismissed because of Stahl's conduct in questioning the suspect at the scene.... a similar issue to what is going on in the Cody Eller case. And from what I understand there is yet another more recent case that landed Officer Stahl on the Laurie List.

I say from what I understand because Cody Eller's Motion for a New Trial and to Set Aside the Verdict has been sealed and gag orders on the attorneys are in place. I find all of this to be completely unconstitutional and if I find the time and money I will sue over it. 

The Union Leader has no excuse. They have the time and they most certainly have the money. So where is the intellectual fortitude and Fourth Estate Integrity? On to the closing argument from Kent E. Smith, who is a heavy in the DA's Office.

"It's a simple case......" click to read 15 Jan 2013 journal entry.

Trial Day One.

Older Eagle Tribune story. Seems like Major Press has fallen off the case, but it would be just like them to return now for the trial and then force me to accept their limited and pooled video because most courts allow only one video camera at a time. Anyway, I went to run video of Cody Eller  but that court session was just completing as I arrived and then Attorney Ross McLeod (pictured) and Jeffrey Kaye ran interference hard core outside, good job guys, just watch your step because Attorney McLeod got a tad too aggressive out there, no need for that, bro. Trust me I won't get right in your client's face and you won't get right in mine again either. Anyway there is another Motion Hearing on Tuesday I will likely attend, and then the trial, stay tuned.

4:50p Friday -- Attorney McLeod and I just spoke at length and we are totally chill. We discussed Cody Eller's mens rea and various pending issues I will describe in greater detail tonight. He also has watched and enjoyed KingCast videos on other matters LOL. The best colloquy: 

"You play (American) football?" 
"No, soccer.... defense." 
"You did a good job!" 

And yes, Attorney McLeod and I both know how full of crap (press release) Kelly Ayotte and Mike Delaney are (Eagle Tribune 10 Oct. 2012) really are, LOL. And BTW just this weeks some asshole in a Volvo backed over my bike and kept on going, so no, I am not inclined to be giving out sympathy for Cody Eller's predicament of potentially losing driving privileges for a time. It is a privilege, not a right. At least in my situation a private detective and his wife saw it, and gave me their contact info and I will track her ass down. Talk about the wrong guy's bike to hit, Jesus.

PS: And a Volvo no less, I grew up in those cars, I even bought one before I went German.


Grunt said...

Let me guess, this Cody kid is the son, or direct relative, of one or more of the following:

1.) Police Officer

2.) Politician

3.) Freemason

When I brought legal action against the Department of Veterans Affairs back in 2010, the local attorneys ran from me like I had the plague, even though I had a valid case.

This Cody kid decides to play Grand Theft Auto because over something as simple as lane-splitting (which helps ease overall traffic congestion, by the way) and multiple lawyers rush to his defense.

George Orwell had it right when he said: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

Anonymous said...

Been a biker myself for 50 years.
(I was taught to ride by American servicemen in Goose Bay, Labrador, in 1962.) Worked as a wrench in bikeshops for 4 or 5 years, ridden across the USofA a couple of times.
Very impressed with what you are doing- how do I stay posted on this?

Christopher King said...

Grunt: Well put. I can't remember his name right now but a Clinton mentor basically came right out and said that the middle class should know that we are all just mules.


Anon, you can become a member here (hint: just under the PayPal gift button LOL) and I think you get my feed... oh boy KingCast in your mailbox 24/7 now there's a dangerous thing danger Will Robinson on that.... I've been riding 38 years myself, so-so on the wrench side just basic maintenance can't take an engine down and put it back up. Well I could but it would then be used a a giant paperweight.

Watch for the new movie on my YouTube for Mortgage Movies Journal, it is called

"Fein Such & Crane were dirty well before IndyMac."