29 October 2012

KingCast update amidst Hurricane Sandy: Cody Eller motorcycle road rage jury drawn; Live on-air coverage with Garage 71!

Update: The on-air interview will be published tonight, 30 October 2012. Cody Eller's lawyers committed a tactical error in trying to keep me out, now I made a DVD of the show for filing with the Court showing my professionalism and the fact that I am most definitely not trying to influence a Jury or threaten or encourage bodily harm to Cody Eller. It was an insulting and stupid Motion that will be summarily dismissed. I don't have a First Amendment Nashua Mayoral Commendation, signed off on by all Aldermen because I am unprofessional, right.

In the face of Hurricane Sandy, KingCast gets the story. Back story.  On Air: 6p today 30 Oct 2012 at Garage 71.

Note that by objecting to my coverage the Defendants made it easier for me to cover the case because the Court sent me a copy of its rulings. It held determination on me pending what my intent is (my intent is to professionally cover the event), and it struck the testimony of psychologist Dr. Comisky because information pertaining to him was not timely presented pursuant to Rule 98 (that's a bloody nose to the State BTW) and withheld determination on whether State Trooper Michael Pelletier will qualify as expert witness. Basically the Defendant is claiming that he didn't do a thorough job, but that goes to the weight of his testimony, not whether he can testify. I believe Dr. Mart will testify that Cody Eller did not understand the questioning that night because of auditory and comprehension issues. Everyone clear? 

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