28 October 2012

KingCast says Hosmer ducks finance & tax issues as NH Senate D-7 race heats up.

Here is last week's initial coverage. Well actually it's not heating up, it has been hot for a while in various ways, more so on the Republican side. Be that as it may, it sure is compelling to me that candidate Youseff has an open phone line to discuss personal or tax issues whereas candidate Hosmer claims these issues are "unfortunate distractions" from the merits, but then he posts them on his own campaign website! Meanwhile now I think I know why Candidate Hosmer never returned my phone call after his staff promised me an interview: His own potentially dirty laundry was being put out for public viewing by Granite Grok, relative to some au pair or nannies who lived at the Hosmer compound. Whether or not any of that is proved, what is important is Hosmer's disingenuous conduct, both in ducking an interview and in playing both sides of the coin on the personal attacks issue. If he thinks there is substance there and it reflects on Mr. Youseff's integrity then say so. And if not, then take it down from your website and cut the crap.

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