01 October 2012

Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe are loving the YouTube Supertramp copyright reinstatement of "It's raining again," but what about the bigger picture.... the one that feels like censorship?

UMG.... sucks. Remember the Sex Pistols EMI?
Well EMI sold out to UMG.... and it gets worse from there.
The Spitzer lawsuit was just the tip of the iceberg.
Now YouTube lets them flip flop on me twice in one day,
Sorry guys the first approval constitutes a waiver.
I will find another lawyer and sue these pigs.
Intellectual property is not my forte but I know right from wrong.

2 Jan 2012 Second Update, they flip-flopped.

2 Jan 2012 update: After yet another claim on 21 Dec. 2012 UMG reviewed and released me, I win again.

It is a somewhat obscure fact that Lendl and McEnroe both dig Supertramp. I discovered this back in the day when I was musing about whether they would ever have a beer together and trying to find any commonalities between them. Anyway I had a great time that day in Brooklyn's pouring rain and it is a memory that I love to share with at least the few dozen people who have seen both of the Ubertramp videos from that day, the other one being "Breakfast in America" until I realized the error of my ways. How could I have overlooked It's Raining Again, LOL.

Anyway now that I have prevailed in that matter I just need to be able to post videos again as noted.
Back story.

Watch the point at 2:35. A classic Mac stroke-down.

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