17 October 2012

Guardian ad litem Rita Kaufman dodges questions about Judge Debra Silber's GLBT discrimination against Sandy Chadee.

The New York Courts are reading along!
What's next?
Try to order the fit mother to undergo psychiatric examination
to try to cover their tracks, that's what's next.
Remember, I was a State Attorney I know The Game.

Basically Ms. Chadee will have to wait for a trial to prove that Carlos Pena's Protective Order is based on lies, the same way he filed bogus allegations in 2006. Attorney Kaufman was impliedly released from a lawsuit that is on Appeal; curiously the Decision dismissing Judge Silber on immunity never once mentioned Attorney Kaufman and why she was dismissed out in a case that saw the Court completely ignore the recommendations of the Court-appointed forensic physician to give Sandy Chadee's child to a man who was forced by Court Order to pay child support and who intentionally pushes buttons to gain advantage. Not to mention filing bogus police complaints involving Ms. Chadee and Yours Truly, for which he will pay dearly. All in due time, Mr. Pena. All in Due Time. Here is some back story.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that Rita is biased in cases, and I know this from dealings with her. Once the court has made a decision she will stack the deck to back the judge in every way. I would warn that these blogs will only hurt Ms. Chadee. She should file a petition to move the case from her.

Anonymous said...

While I will agree fully that Rita is biased and does not serve the best interest of children , she tends to solidify the judges opinion. this was not the intent when the court system made the requirment for such a guardian. I have seen this bias first hand, and it is horrible. Also consider that the questions and answers given in the meetings between a law Guardian and a child can be coached and worded in ways to show bias. However Ms. Chadee in antagonizing the court will not get her voice heard. She should petition for the case to be moved to another judge and law guardian. The system fails many children every day. And I have seen judges and Rita go against child services and the Jewish Board, just to name a few, just to keep alignment with thier decisions. It is sad that there is no other checks and balances in place.

Christopher King said...

Hey can we talk off line and off the record?

Ms. Chadee had tried some of those other means... as a former practicing attorney I am just sickened by so much of the court system.... and often to get any sort of help you do have to keep quiet about it.... which of course is antithetical to the supposed ideals of this fine country, of course.