28 September 2012

Video: Michael Holman slams Connecticut DCF - but YouTube upload button broken for KingCast65 (503,000 views)... but not for KingCast Franconia (49 views) how 'bout them bananers?

Fox News is covering the underlying issue and the proposed legislation on the November ballot.

I have a short film I am trying to upload showing how Michael Holman debunked each and every false allegation against him made by Connecticut DCF. They had found him to be guilty of child neglect after he reported issues of child neglect by the drug addict mother who got custody of his children in NH. NH AG Kelly Ayotte looked on while eight (8) squad cars took the children from his beautiful home in the Washington State and brought them back to the mother, who allowed one of them to ride a bike without a helmet (she had never even bought one) and he wound up IN A COMA. Kelly Ayotte, now a U.S. Senator, had the power to intervene yet did nothing as these children were taken from a good black man and given to a drug-addled white woman. 

Mr. Holman would later discover her criminal history, including a crashed car and a drug raid at the house that the courts and DCF covered up. He is keeping his cool for certain, because a lesser man would have taken a criminal route and then he would be blamed for everything, that's how the system works almost every time because the woman is basically a ward of the State. More on that later but at least some responsible NH State Reps at the Committee for Redress and Grievances are helping out.
So this week at his appeal hearing DCF testified that he had kidnapped his children and was domestically violent. He slammed them but good, with a letter from the mother authorizing him to take the children to Canada, and he pointed out the fact that he has never even been charged with Domestic Violence, much less convicted. Meanwhile the mother's sister had worked for the courts in Meriden, CT where Wendy (the mother) now resides and they won't even put his issues on the docket. This whole thing is so damn corrupt it stinks to high hell.

It is also interesting whatever is going on with YouTube... now I have no more custom thumbnail application and no recognition using my KingCast Franconia account.... hell including this one, there's only two videos there and 49 video views compared to 503,000!

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