18 September 2012

Marthas Vineyard & Lowell corruption continues against good dad Peter Coleman as Josh Tucker/Lighthouse Taxi fire him with nothing in writing.

20 Sept 2012 Update: Lighthouse owner Josh Tucker did telephone me and we discussed the matter at length. From what I gleaned from the conversation he values Mr. Coleman and his work ethic but there is a potential hotbed of trouble that cannot be resolved immediately and Mr. Coleman's presence is in fact jeopardizing the operation because of a police complaint against him, be it ultimately valid or not. 

I neglected to note in the movie that yesterday was a great day for a bike ride so I stopped in to Lowell District Court yesterday to order a copy of the Affidavit in the latest TRO fiasco. Will also order the transcript. Now then, how did we get to the point where the jerk in the above video was telling me to leave the courthouse? Well first Mr. Coleman's wife issued materially conflicting statements (read: lies in my opinion) about him sexually abusing their children and hitting her. Then he goes to get the audio transcripts showing the lies and they stall him on production of these tapes all summer long (I know, I was there here is more back story with video) until she has a hearing in Lowell and gets a restraining order extended on him that was bogus in the first place. Now his employer Josh Tucker/Lighthouse Taxi is telling him he's got to fire him or they will lose their taxicab license. Apparently there is some sort of investigation going on and Mr. Coleman may be indicted.... for what I wonder? He was there to help start that company two years ago, so much for loyalty right. Meanwhile fellow cabbie Curvy Ann has driven carelessly in an argument with her boyfriend and had her license revoked on part of the island but she is still employed. Smells like a nice sexual discrimination complaint to me, especially if the stated reason for Mr. Coleman's termination is found to be pretextual, or false.

Watch the first video below when he asks the DA's office when in the hell they will be addressing his allegation that his children told him they are being struck inappropriately by a friend of the mother, Luz Liriano. That was a month ago, still nothing. The Lowell PD ran us out of town and refused to meet with him or even to accept his written complaint in any way shape or form, and I filed a complaint with Internal Affairs. I have telephoned on that matter and heard nothing. Then the DA told him not to bring cameras whenever they finally arrange for him to visit their office regarding this touching. He told them unless or until they start doing their job KingCast cameras will most certainly be present. Something is not right here, and I don't believe it is Mr. Coleman's fault.

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