02 September 2012

KingCast sees Suffolk County Family & Probate candidate Patty Campatelli drop the F-Bomb while protecting corruption.

Nah, YOU fuck off Patty... you and your apparently alcohol-induced bad complexion. 
Just FUCK.... YOU!  We are the same exact age but you look older than my mother, who has suffered from Alzheimer's for the past 5 years so yah, fuck you very much not that I'd like to LOL. In fact, if you were the last woman on Earth.... I'd find a cherry pie.

31 Jan 2014 -- She's under suspension and controversy yet again! 

Boston Globe reports on the allegation that she had a nutty and struck an employee. http://tinyurl.com/mgk7mto 

Remember, her office NEVER apologized to me for the comments made in my direction so I don't care what happens to her.... that much proves to me that she's an asshole anyway so good riddance to bad rubbish. 
-Christopher King, J.D.

Yesterday I posted a new video showing Martha's Vineyard-Edgartown District Court personnel violate SJC 1:19 as they continually failed to produce an audio transcript to a father who is proving that his wife issued material lies about him sexually abusing his children and striking her. I sent notice of this video to Candidate Campatelli, who has offered to befriend my friend Clifford Pisano, but who has in reality done nothing for him; I just checked in with him.
Note the FB reaction from Patty Campatelli, who is running for a Court position in Suffolk County and Probate Court:
She told me to fuck off -- but just last week she liked me posting about corruption and petrol prices. The pictures don't lie folks, but apparently she will once she is in office if she supports this kind of hostility toward the press.  She also faux befriended Clifford Pisano, asked him a bunch a questions and did nothing for him. Apparently this is how Massachusetts Court officials operate, corruption and hostility to the free press rule the day. Patently pathetic. 

But is it true or has she been hacked? The image here was provided to me by BostonCab, clearly it doesn't read as if Candidate Campatelli authored it but even if she didn't Lucy she has some 'splainin to do.....Whoa. I am hereby asking her to formally explain all of this. Check here for more info by BostonCab.

Read my email to Boston City Council and others below the fold and in the comments. See also the bounced-back email I sent to the Campatelli campaign at the email address listed on the Official Statement of Organization page.


Christopher King said...

Mean-spirited profanity and disrespect for SJC 1:19 from Patty Campatelli a vapid candidate

Christopher King
11:52 AM (10 minutes ago)

to Felix.Arroyo, Mark.Ciommo, John.R.Connolly, Rob.Consalvo, Maureen.Feeney, Salvatore.LaMa., Bill.Linehan, Stephen.Murphy, Ayanna.Pressley, Michael.Ross, Chuck.Turner, Charles.Yancey, hmb, tml, dcp, ejb, jjf, jlh, reg, staci, sjccountyclerk, SJCReporter, Elizabeth.Bouv., joan.kenney, RMeketon
To All,

Especially to Attorney Corcoran, Councilor LaMattina and Candidate Campatelli:

Please note the insouciant, insolent and deprecatory comment and attitude from someone who aims to be a public servant. Telling me to fuck off while she sees a good man like Peter Coleman struggle in the streets because of lies fabricated by his wife is simply outrageous conduct. I will not and do not suffer fools gladly, and to me Patty Campatelli is a Certified American Fool. She lacks my education, she lacks my experience as a government attorney and she definitely lacks my integrity, yet and still she attempts to label me a loser. She's got a master's in crime and justice to hell with that I've got a law degree from a top 50 law school hahahaa.....

She will rue the day she attempted to insult me because she is not the first political hack I have embarrassed, so LOL dearie.

Candidate Campatelli sees a loser each and every time she looks in the mirror and I am more than happy to point that out to the appropriate audience.

Popcorn and truffle butter optional.



Anonymous said...


Patty Campatelli for Suffolk County Probate and Family Court 2012
7 hours ago via Mobile
Sal lamattina in hot seat with ethics commission after lying about endorsements cc boston globe b...oston bastard
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Chris Goodwin Wow! You're actually running for office and publicly express yourself in such a manner? You're not very smart.....
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Chris Goodwin If I were Sal LaMattina, I would send you a fruit basket and a thank you card right about now.....
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Christopher King said...

This entire event has me quite perplexed. If there is a mole in her camp or someone has hijacked her communications she needs to acknowledge it immediately.

And if not, well as I say she should acknowledge that immediately as well.

I have written her campaign directly to inquire and will now seek a phone number to call as well.

Done at 10:38a 4 Sept. 2012 using this phone number I left a detailed message seeking information.

ocpf.blob.core.windows.net/pdf/filers/.../15427-cpf101-1-020612.pd...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
File with: Director (617)979-8300. Office of ... CANDIDATE; Full Name: Patricia Patty Campatelli ... Phone #1 617~569-0885 E-Mail; pcampatelIi@comcast.net

-The KingCaster.