07 September 2012

KingCast shares fun times at the 72nd Precinct as Judge Debra Silber's favorite violent deadbeat dad avoids arrest and flaunts irresponsibility.

This is the hag that accompanied Carlos Pena to the police station today because his mommy said he couldn't go there alone after last week's altercation with police. Elegant and principled to the end, she makes sure to snub out her Newport on the side of the police station entrance before tucking the last half into her pocket before she goes to hang out with the young lad and dad, classy. Yes I have the video going up tomorrow. Get your popcorn and truffle butter ready as you watch the first video and review l'histoire to see how a lesbian activist judge wrested custody from a fit mother in favor of a lesbian activist grandmother and an "intrinsically violent" father who had to be ORDERED to pay child support. 

Last week he was taken away at the 72 by the police who told Ms. Chadee he attacked a police officer.... but no matter.... no, none at all as the police tell Ms. Chadee today they don't give a damn about any of that. I am ordering the police reports Monday but my Spidey senses tell me that if Ms. Chadee ever went haywire and attacked a cop she would never hear the end of it. Instead we see the gleeful deadbeat dad enjoying a mockery of the whole damn thing, our tax dollars hardly working.

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