05 September 2012

KingCast says motorcycle road rage jerks Eugene Ledonne and Cody Eller must never drive again.

As noted at the Eugene Ledonne NECN story, his case could be worse than the Cody Eller case set for Trial in Nashua, NH. KingCast cameras will be following both events. Here is an early video about the situation in which a young punk intentionally ran into a motorcyclist, shattering his leg. The rest of the press has been ignoring this case after a huge initial blast of coverage, but watch them come slithering out of their holes for the trial. Or not. Here is last week's journal entry and video noting the October trial date (finally) for Cody Eller. Personally I think the Eller case is still worse because he is a young man with all of his faculties, whereas Mr. Ledonne may be an oar short of a full sculler.

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