06 September 2012

KingCast says it's only logical, another copyright asshat will prevent success from raining again... so no rocking out with Supertramp in a Brooklyn rainstorm!

UMG.... sucks. Remember the Sex Pistols EMI?
Well EMI sold out to UMG.... and it gets worse from there.
The Spitzer lawsuit was just the tip of the iceberg.
Now YouTube lets them flip flop on me twice in one day,
Sorry guys the first approval constitutes a waiver.
I will find another lawyer and sue these pigs.
Intellectual property is not my forte but I know right from wrong.

2 Jan 2012 Second Update, they flip-flopped.

2 Jan 2012 update: UMG reviewed and released me, I win again.

The purported Copyright infringement was cleared but before it could take effect someone else filed a claim even though Evergreen and Supertramp never responded to my first counterclaim. Now it is some Debby Downers called IFPI here is the Chilling Effects link. I am not a stupid little dreamer I'm like a diesel train LOL... So then Dream in two parts:

2004 beautiful.
2010 version, awesome.

But perhaps I am a stupid little dreamer. I dream that Justice will prevail in All Things, and the people I know and love actually dream along with me. Sometimes it works =^.)

I have been challenged on YouTube and Blogger at least 4 times and never lost. I have won more First Amendment trials and issues than I have lost, watch the video. That's because I might dream, but I know exactly what I am doing. Let's see what happens next.

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Bill Christy Nigger this Motherfucker that.
Mass Bar Pres Richard Van Nostrand lost online but won big time because Judge Reginald Lindsey allowed his client to destroy emails I specifically told them to maintain. Spoliation of Evidence 101 but that didn't matter. At any rate, my American Tower videos are still online (watch American Lawyer at KingCast.net) because his client is an ass, just like Verizon:

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Terry Dean, Nemmers said...

Chris: Good to hear you keep winning these battles with YouTube and Blogger . It would be nice if you posted what you said in the counter-claims so others could follow your lead. You should do a HowTo post and a HowTo video, shouldn't you? For educational purposes only.