27 September 2012

KingCast prevails on CT Title XIX Medicaid application, still files lawsuit amicus brief to benefit others.

I am filing today in response to the irreparable harm comments from Commissioner Roderick Bremby in the underlying case of Shafer v. Bremby, as noted herein. I will post the entire Memorandum today in Word but for now here is my email commentary.

Christopher King kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com 8:21 AM (13 minutes ago) to .....Roderick, harp, toni.walker, gerratana.....

To all: Please note the revisions to the Memorandum of Law including, inter alia, the addition of a preamble and the deletion of fn 1. I can speak for the family in noting that we are appreciative of the Title XIX approval yesterday but I can also speak for the family in noting that my mother would definitely want this Motion and Memorandum filed for the benefit of everyone else still waiting. 

And how do I know that? Because she was my Best Friend in law school, and she saved clippings of ever Civil Rights case or issue I won. And not only that, she was one of the first people to suggest that I start on Twitter and she always, always always encouraged me to blog. In fact she encouraged me to do it back when I thought blogs were stupid. 

"Son, you fight for the people.... they need to have a voice." 

This is part of my mother's legacy. I will be filing these documents today. 

Note: As you can see, I came, I saw, I did what I had to do. There is a wealth of information about CT social services funding at this web page, and the back story to my family's heartache is here. Look for an update video today. I did not return to DSS to ask for Mr. Bremby directly because I am sure he wouldn't come down and I am not here to antagonize him. In point of fact I am told that he is taking strides to alleviate the situation. However, I am not going to allow him to misrepresent material facts in a Court of Law, and I most definitely need the Court to understand the impact this has on real people every day. That may help the Court fashion a proper remedy.

PS: You might want to check up on the appeal in Connecticut Association of Healthcare Facilities v. Rell, 3:10-CV-136 holding that the healthcare facilities do not have a property interest in pending Medicaid disbursements. This is huge because the Association had argued that forcing them to cover all of these expenses is so burdensome that it amounts to a taking under the Fifth Amendment to the United States (and presumably Connecticut's) Constitutions.  

Be that as it may, the real deal is that the State's malfeasance puts the financial whammy on the facilities such that they don't have extra money for capital improvements or raises. So just as I said, the situation does indeed have an impact on morale and therefore a derivative affect on the level of care because stress weakens everything, in much the same way as a binding brake caliper slows your car down but you don't realize it until it is fixed and then your car runs better. I used that analogy in the pleading and will post it today. As for me, having my mother finally covered is like the weight of the World has been lifted from my shoulders. Seriously, I am in post traumatic stress mode right now and pinching myself to make sure the nightmare is finally over.

I never publicly discussed this situation until this summer when an old friend of mine from Hawken School (another tennis player actually) shared with me his mother's struggles and I just flat decided the World needs to know about this, and how to fix it. That reminds me... one of my first movies on YouTube is "KingCast protects civil liberties using Hawken education." Hawken in turn wrote (or actually had already written "The little guys have a big friend in Christopher King.")
I am Christopher King, I make online movies about real people and I try to help them, and I tell my naysayers to go straight to hell, each and every one of you, including the phony First Amendment poseurs and dilettantes. And I approve this message.

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