11 September 2012

KingCast presents: Judge Debra Silber Sexual Orientation Discrimination Part 3: Arrest at Brooklyn's 72nd Precinct.

Visit the fun times at Precinct 72 journal entry for more precinct pics and this one for more information. Also, you remember AZ video journo and compatriot Dennis Gilman vis a vis the Phoenix New Times' Feathered Bastard column? Well as you can see he has weighed in on some recent videos I sent him, including this one and one on the Title XIX/Medicaid cutbacks and Federal lawsuit in CT that are placing the elderly, their families and providers in precarious positions. Also weighing in was Brooklyn Detective Donna Marie Maza. I telephoned her after the mother told me that she heard Carlos Pena had filed harassment charges on the two of us. She actually had the nerve to tell me my conduct was "ridiculous and that this matter is none of our business, and why would I show up at the precinct and why are you causing problems for the child" to which I told her "Ma'am this is every bit of my business as I am covering this story. I never even knew Ms. Chadee before I started covering this case. What is ridiculous is Carlos Pena's conduct last week in reportedly being arrested, and you or he have no basis for any criminal harassment charges whether you or he like it or not."

Also Detective Maza, if you want to keep jumping in my shit, you should know in response to your question as to whether I know why the father has custody, hell no I have no idea given that he had to be ORDERED to pay child support and he is "intrinsically violent" according to the Court-appointed forensic psychologist. That would certainly dovetail with his reported arrest at your own precinct last week now, wouldn't it, Detective? Yeah, I think so. Judge Silber gave him custody over a fit mother, probably because she and the paternal grandmother both have activist lesbian roots because there is no other rational reason given that the forensic psychologist expressly recommended the child remain in primary custody with the mother. So yes Detective I have read the file, have you?

I then telephoned her supervisor Lieutenant Chris Karolkowski, who implied that the matter might not go any further after he qualified my Constitutional and Journalist credentials. I have never lost a criminal First Amendment case and yes in point of fact I did get an "A" in Constitutional Law while studying at a top-50 law school and working for Professor Edward Mearns, a well-respected Civil Rights attorney and scholar. All of this of course was after working for the Indianapolis Star and editing the Ohio Call & Post, so I am not here for any bullshit. Now as for Citigroup I have no idea why they are following along because I thought they were too busy laundering drug money and issuing bogus foreclosures like Bank of America ("Skank of America").

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