11 September 2012

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Present: The Cutlass, the Moonflower and Bank of America Outright Fraud.

13 Sept 2012 update and a new journal: Skank of America! 
Just type in boa.skankofamerica.blogspot.com to follow a specific thread dedicated to exposing these corporate thieves. And how did I arrive at this point? Because I had two more random sets of people in my life discussing the impact of Bank of America, Countrywide and "America's Wholesale Lender" bank fraud. The email I will not discuss at this point but this evening's dinner conversation over sushi and crispy Chinese wings led Eileen to spit out this new name, and it couldn't be more apropos. Cheers to my new friends Eileen, Dave, Michelle and our favorite bartender Tim!

This journal entry is a work in progress. Many of you have been writing me to ask when my mortgage movies would resume as I have been busy with my usual motorcycles and elder care issues including a huge Medicaid lawsuit in Connecticut. In Hartford this week I took two pictures in two different towns: A Moonflower with my real camera and an OG Cutlass 442 with my phone while out on a ride.  While here I simply cannot ignore the fact that out of two random conversations at two different restaurants in two different areas (one with the flower and one with the Cutlass) people have noted the outright corruption of Bank of America without any prompting from me whatsoever. I just happened to be seated next to these people and I have some audio from one of them detailing how BoA kept "losing" his personal information when he sought a loan modification, even though it was sent from another BoA office and he had the fax transmission receipt to prove it. It is all part of the pattern of corruption folks.

And when I say corruption I mean BoA buying Countrywide and using a shell company "America's Wholesale Lender" to do its dirty work when in fact no such company as a corporation ever existed. Now they are suing the real  AWL for Trademark even though they can't show a right to the affected properties because AWL was not a corporation as BoA attempted to use it, and you have to be a corporate entity to conduct the business and to hold title to property in the manner that BoA was claiming. Stay tuned on this but for now read all of the pleadings in Countrywide v. America's Wholesale Lender, Federal Central District California, 2012-00242, where they are trying to cover their butts. More related cases coming soon but note that California is ripe with corruption when it comes to foreclosure. Look no further than one Commissioner Glenn Mondo as he protects Aurora Loan Servicing, one of the dirtiest companies in the business with several huge Court decisions against them.

So what happens with BoA and other corrupt banks like National City Bank is that when they can't hide behind the first, second and third sets of fraud they create another one, such as post hoc manipulation of escrow accounts in violation of RESPA to make it appear as if the homeowner is in material breach, or default. Witness the case of Septuagenarian Donna Gaston, the grandmother who lost her foreclosure case even though she never missed a payment. Video up top, more video to follow on her case and in the BoA matters in the coming weeks. Query, where is Michael Moore on this. He certainly has the presence to help rip something like this wide open. I know where he is. I'm just not saying.

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