10 September 2012

KingCast, elder law providers watching Title XIX delays in Connecticut, see Harder v. Bremby 2012-0039.

Update: Go to the bottom to see the comments from an insider to me. Federal law provides for thirty (30) days for Title XIX apps and my mother's has been pending for a year with no end in sight. Unbeknownst to me, other programs including food stamps and Medicare savings are also blighted so yes, I support the lawsuit. What the hell are these politicians doing with our elders. If you think I've been diligent about my pursuit of Kelly Ayotte you ain't seen nothing yet. Kelly is just a stupid woman with too much power. This is my mother we're talking about.
Got an elder you are taking care of in Connecticut? Good luck because your Title XIX application is going to take forever. Further it is my understanding that even if your loved one is in a nursing home there are more benefits and programs available if they actually have full approval than not. I think a call and KingCast video visit to the Ombudsman might be in order because the integrity and morale of the entire system is being compromised. 

Update: It was a bit disconcerting to find that the security staff was not familiar with the ombudsman office, more on that later today or tomorrow in video. After about 15 minutes they gave me a number that went to an answering machine, and could not or would not tell me whether that number was to someone in the building or over at 3580 Main Street..... I then had to wait another 10 minutes and they finally brought me the number for Mr. Michowski, who was quite responsive and helpful inasmuch as he could be as we spoke just after 8a today. Nancy Shaffer head ombudsman called telephoned at 9:30a and has meeting with department heads at Social Services, she is investigating also the initial nonresponse. Both she and Mr. Michowski have been exemplary in deportment and service. As a former Assistant State attorney I commend people like them for being good public servants. For those who are not, well I'll not delve into that in this space. 

Be that as it may, here is the update: Case manager Diane Wood is at 3580 main street 860.723.1000..... her manager was John Levine but he is part of the cutbacks. There is an interim supervisor in next week. Her current field manager is Judy Williams at 860.723.1137 Ombudsman Michael Michowski ombuds 860.723.1391. I learned that there are a lot of cutbacks and that is what spawned the lawsuit. Along the way I learned that applications for people in facilities are being bumped by people in community getting home care approved because home care corporations will not go in unless approved whereas the nursing homes are obligated to provide care. More staff is coming within next several weeks.

My position, as noted in this journal entry, is that this sort of benevolent despotism manifest by the State toward the facilities creates undue stress and threatens the integrity and morale of the entire system. I support the lawsuit and may even seek to file an amicus brief in support as Mom's Power of Attorney.  


Hi__________ I am trying to document other harms... speaking with the lawyer who brought the case..... the state is saying in court that there are no harms to patients if the person is enrolled in a nursing home but I believe there are more programs mom can get under Title XIX am I correct?  Plus as I say it f______ up the entire morale which cannot be good for patients, duh. 

Dear Chris: This is an issue that the choices program brought up at least two years ago. Medicaid isn't the only program being affected by delays. foodstamps and the medicare savings program as well. The medicare savings program has 6 people in the dept. for processing applications. There are about 30,000 people in that program alone. medicaid is the same. all of the applications are handled through a small dept at 25 siguorney st in hartford. good luck trying to get in without an appointment. the crazy thing is that if you go there to ask about benefits you will be redirected. you can also try 3580 main st in hartford but im not sure your luck will be any better. 

federal mandates that title 19 apps, MSP and foodstamps be processed within 30 days. at my last check its closer to 3 months. they do retroactive the program benefits back to the time of application however, the beneficiary must pay out of pocket until then and then go through the rigorous process of either re-billing old claims or being reimbursed. hope this helps. if you want to talk in more depth or if i can help in anyway please let me know.

Also, you may remember AZ video journo and compatriot Dennis Gilman vis a vis the Phoenix New Times' Feathered Bastard column. Well as you can see he has weighed in on some recent videos I sent him, including this one and one about a deadbeat dad who was ORDERED to pay child support and who is "intrinsically violent" according to the Court-appointed forensic psychologist. That would certainly fit with his reported arrest last week, ahem. Judge Diane Silber gave him custody over a fit mother, probably because she and the paternal grandmother both have activist lesbian roots. 

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