07 September 2012

KingCast congratulates Candidate Campatelli, with caveats.

31 Jan 2014 -- She's under suspension and controversy yet again! Boston Globe reports on the allegation that she had a nutty and struck an employee. http://tinyurl.com/mgk7mto 

Remember, her office NEVER apologized to me for the comments made in my direction so I don't care what happens to her.... that much proves to me that she's an asshole anyway so good riddance to bad rubbish. -Christopher King, J.D. 
As noted in this video when someone in Candidate Campatelli's FB told me to "F---Off after seeing a father being denied due process on the Vineyard I hope it was not her, I hope she gains control of communications and I hope she has respect for SJC Rule 1:19 for cameras in the Courts. 

Open government is the ONLY government. 
Here is your back story one.
Here is your back story two from the Island.

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