29 September 2012

KingCast asks: Is YouTube censoring the Civil Rights channel of a former state attorney?

As noted in yesterday's journal entry showing how Michael Holman is shaming Connecticut DCF for putting his children in harm's way with a drug-addicted mother with an extensive criminal history, I have a hard time understanding why I cannot upload videos to my primary channel.  As such, I conducted some Lexis research and located some of YouTube's primary counsel to engage them in open discussion about the matter such that we could determine the issues. Excerpt: 
I post a lot of movies about foreclosure fraud that is crippling this Country (at Mortgage Movies Journal). Many of my 500,000 views come from those movies, showing my testimony before the NH House Committee on Redress and Grievances as well as face-to-face inquiry with foreclosure attorneys and sometimes even a judge or two. It is safe to say that there is no other YouTube channel like it, and it must be protected.  
I value the First Amendment more than all others because it is what I call the gateway Amendment: You need it in order to exercise all the others. To the extent that a private corporation serves as assistant talisman in this process it has an obligation to be fair and impartial beyond the ordinary “terms of the contract” issues. Think of it as Hudgens v. NLRB (424 U.S. 507 1974) in the air, if you will. 
Prior to law school I edited the Ohio Call & Post and wrote for the Indianapolis Star. I was a First Amendment scholar at a top-50 law school, where I wrote substantial portions of a successful Supreme Court First Amendment appeal in State v Lessin, 67 Ohio St. 3d 487 (1993) I recently used the power of YouTube video to advocate for my mother to receive her Title XIX Medicaid benefits in Connecticut, where her nursing home and members of a statewide nursing home providers association have directly congratulated me on my advocacy........ Frankly I am quite certain I “piss off” a lot of bankers, judges and some of corporate America, which is all the more reason why your client, as the largest publicly-accessed shopping mall in the World, must endeavor to protect my channel, which is appropriately named: Save the First Amendment. http://www.youtube.com/user/KingCast65?feature=mhee
Now who knows, it could be a glitch, but it sure would be an oddly-selective glitch, going across two browsers, i.e. Google Chrome and Safari...... meanwhile just a bit more about what I do that merits First Amendment protection from the son of fire victim Robert Taylor:

Robert Taylor Law

Matt T 
12:20 PM (10 hours ago)
to me
Dear Mr. King,

Robert Taylor was my father.  I think it's great what work you do.  I saw a video of you on youtube that you were fighting for the Robert Taylor law.  I asked Robert's wrongful death lawsuit attorney Dalimonte if the Robert Taylor law passed and he didn't know anything.  Is it a law now?  Anyways keep up the good work and thank you.

Matthew Taylor
Christopher King kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com
12:56 PM (9 hours ago)
to Matt
OMG thanks for writing.... yah John is a good guy... no it got kicked to the curb because of political pressures no doubt. Have you seen this one about the slumlord in Southie? It starts out in Seattle... but comes right on back to Boston...

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