30 September 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies present Gregory Mackler and Kyle Lagow Qui Tam cases, unsealed and crying out for legislative reform.

1:11-cv-03270-SLT-RER (Full Complaint) New York Eastern Division United States of America v. Bank of America, NA et al. -- Brought by contractor Gregory Mackler and alleging through firsthand knowledge and observation that BoA forced homeowners away from Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP, here's a nice Huffpost story) as it was more profitable to bring them into foreclosure. United States intervened and case was settled for who knows how much money and dismissed. It should be illegal for banks to keep the settlement terms private when taxpayer monies are involved in the underlying fraud and qui tam action. That is where our legislators are letting us down because most of them are part of the problem.

1:09-cv-02040-RJD-JMA (Full Complaint) United States of America v. Countrywide Financial Corporation et al. -- Brought by appraiser Kyle Lagow and alleging the widespread use of false appraisals, what a shocker.  He received $14.5M Whistleblower award as part of the $25B National Settlement. His particular case settled at $75M but all of this is of course a drop in the bucket for the banksters, just the cost of doing business. That is why in Iceland the citizens are not sheeple; they come and put these thieves and the judges who protect them in jail where they belong. Of course it's all smoke and mirrors in a way because it's like when cops go after a street hustler selling nickel bags of crack when the king pin is a banker or lawyer like Frederick Tokars, remember the scumbag who had his wife murdered in front of their children? I do. 

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