25 September 2012

Carlos Pena files false criminal complaint against Sandy Chadee and KingCast at Brooklyn's 72nd Precinct.

Oh yes he did..... you can watch the video or you can cut right to the chase in my Affidavit paras. 15-16: 

15. I maintained the same professional distance from Mr. Pena as I did with the police officers seen at Exhibit 1, a copy of the YouTube video documenting the exchange; 

16. At no point in time did Mr. Pena request the assistance from the Police with regard to me, or to Ms. Chadee even though they were standing no more than thirty (30) feet away....

Now I don't know if this guy is aware that the filing of a false criminal complaint is a crime in and of itself with civil ramifications, but I will help him discover that fact, oh yes I will. Newbies get your back story here.

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