03 August 2012

Lowell MA cops refuse father's child abuse complaint, banish reporter and refuse to answer whether they filed with DCF and mandated reporter.

Warning: As a former Law Enforcement attorney I can guarantee you that the conduct you are about to witness from Lowell's finest will make your blood boil. From the evasive responses of the green-shirted detective to the petty insouciance of Officer Tetreault they both act like complete and utter f_____ a_____, and they should be summarily fired. But they won't be. Instead they will find a way to continue to ignore Mr. Coleman, regardless of the implications to his children. What a couple of completely morally aberrant douchebags. A man issued a verbal and written complaint about his estranged wife's friend inappropriately striking his two young children. The police contacted him to come in and follow up but when he got there and repeatedly asked if they had reported the matter to DCF as they are mandated to do he got the bum's rush and so did Yours Truly. 

The cop had told him he needed a couple of hours to go through the matter but then he said "oh something came up," and tried to imply that Mr. Coleman was late. Well even if he was 5-10 minutes late they had allocated an hour or two for the meeting..... so why not conduct the meeting, or at a minimum take the written complaint? Officer Thomas Tetreault told me that they had no mechanism in place to memorialize his visit and attempt to file something. 

What a crock of shit that is, huh? My gut feeling is that they were going to try to turn this all around on him and make him into the bad guy, but then he shows up with a reporter with a camera and talking legalese and the entire complexion changed. Let's see if and when they report to DCF.

Meanwhile in Milwaukee the police go ape shit on a Copwatch reporter even as other civilians stand closer to the activity. I hope he sues the living snot out of them and "Neil" for his arrest for "loitering," as it appears that he is on a public sidewalk and also alleges that he had previously paid a cover charge at the establishment in the first place.... watch the end of the video. I'll run a Lexis search and see if I can't find him a kickass attorney to hell with these bad cops ruining my Country.


Christopher King said...

The mission of the Lowell Police Department is to work with the community to reduce crime, the fear of crime, and to improve the quality of life in the City of Lowell. We are committed to the ideals of community policing. We stress partnership, professionalism, integrity, and fairness. My personal pledge is to ensure all personnel under my command carry out our stated mission.

Kenneth Lavallee, Superintendent of Police

....Dear Superintendent Lavallee:

Please accept this DVD and printout from my online journal as my complaint against Officer Tetreault and Detective Asamoah for conduct unbecoming.

In the first instance Detective Asamoah lied and told us he had to leave the building, but he allegedly had set aside 1+ hour for the meeting and he never actually left the building.

Meanwhile he refused to acknowledge whether he had carried out his statutory duty to report an allegation of child abuse.

As to Officer Tetreault, his attitude and demeanor toward me, including putting his hands on me, were completely uncalled for. I have been a journalist for several years both prior to law school and after and no officer has EVER touched me before other than to shake my hand.

And none of this would have occurred had the Detective done his job, and had they accepted the complaint letter from Mr. Coleman.

I am a former Law Enforcement Attorney, and frankly for me to hear one of your officers say that there are no provisions in place to memorialize Mr. Coleman's visit and attempt to file a letter makes me want to hurl not only invective, but the content of my stomach.

I look forward to your response.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.


Christopher King said...

Citizen Complaint against Detective Asamoah and Officer Tetreault

Christopher King
7:48 AM (0 minutes ago)

to lpd, [addresses deleted]
Dear Superintendent Lavallee and all

As a former LE Attorney I am appalled at the conduct of your men. Please review the comment section, and I will send a print version and DVD. Query, if I come to file the complaint in person will someone actually receive it, or will they threaten to arrest me I wonder?

I do not have a horse in the underlying race as I told the mother... I am simply here to make sure that a complaint is heard and to document the demeanor and actions of all parties involved to help reduce the he-said she-said factor.



Christopher King said...

Cracks me up some folks from Lowell searching all over the Internet to see if I am disbarred, shit you could just ask me straight up and I'll tell you the answer is hell no. Also, even if I were a disbarred attorney what would that have to do with being a journalist, or the fact that the cops have a duty to clock in complaints?

People crack me up, LOL.

PS: Michael McLaughlin was a disbarred Federal convict in NH.... he is now of Counsel with Shaheen & Gordon and reinstated, nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That made me so upset to watch; but more for my own trauma history than anger. If I read it I wouldn't have felt so panicked and terrified. The cops were not goofy bumbling doofises that can sometimes be the comparison to the good cop.They were just as bad as the lack of empathy, disregard for the rules of society, antisocial violent felons that they as blowhards put highest on the agenda to take down any other with similar qualities. Women like me need to call them for help as a LAST RESORT! People wonder why some women stay? Well when you call a cop and he shows up just as hostile as the guy who choked you out or raped you looking at you with dead eyes. As though if he had the choice he would do the same thing and if you keep it up with the details you might be sorry but your not sure why. Maybe he knows your boyfriend?;. They have so much contempt for helpless people. Sadistic fucks they are.