16 August 2012

KingCast & Supertramp say "It's raining again... In Brooklyn. Peace and love."

UMG.... sucks. Remember the Sex Pistols EMI?
Well EMI sold out to UMG.... and it gets worse from there.
The Spitzer lawsuit was just the tip of the iceberg.
Now YouTube lets them flip flop on me twice in one day,
Sorry guys the first approval constitutes a waiver.
I will find another lawyer and sue these pigs.
Intellectual property is not my forte but I know right from wrong.

2 Jan 2012 Second Update, they flip-flopped.

2 Jan 2012 update: UMG reviewed and released me, I win again.

Nearly 500,000 views, hundreds of musical selections and never a problem.... until yesterday.Supertramp and/or Evergreen Media Associates are among the last holdouts of artists or agencies who would actually go for a strike against people for using their music in a non-for-profit context on the Internet, specifically in YouTube videos. I remember 4,5,6 years ago this was an issue but then the music World woke up and changed the business model. 

The fact that Supertramp -- a prog rock band -- is apparently so retrograde in actual practice will forever taint my opinion of them. And what is so funny is that when I sent the videos to a friend of mine yesterday who works in Boston's Entertainment Industry she said "I'll have to watch with no sound because I hate Supertramp for some reason." Well I just gave her one, Fucking A.

Goes with yesterday's journal entry with Boston/NYC rainy day pics.

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