26 August 2012

KingCast sees mom and cops caught lying in nasty Vineyard & Lowell, MA custody case.

This is heinous activity wherein a former medical quality assurance professional is now down on his luck after his green card wife lied about issues of abuse toward her and their two girls. Meanwhile the corrupt and morally aberrant clowns at Lowell, PD won't even accept his complaint about potential abuse against the girls committed by one of the wife's friends. As a former Law Enforcement attorney I find their conduct appalling. 

Not to mention the missing audio on the court CDs that I personally witnessed at the Vineyard when the clerk pretended to play the CD but was really playing the hard drive. They say they are going to allow Mr. Coleman to record directly from the hard drive when he returns. Perhaps I should be with him to make certain he gets the full measure of rights that he has not been afforded on prior occasion. Here is your back story where you can clearly hear the eldest daughter say that the girls won't get any more surprises if they talk about the alleged abuser with the father. Yet and still the Courts and Lowell's finest continue to screw the father while putting the children at peril.

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