30 August 2012

KingCast sees Economic Violence as Verizon tools over loyal customers with broken refurb phones and quasi-criminal contracts.

OMG I just found out the victim bought an iPhone and they were going to knock $120 off her data plan for the year so that would equate to what we discussed i.e. $100.00 off the so-called "subsidized" phone. Then she gets to the store today to buy it and the weasel manager Anthony runs and hides and there is a new $40 activation fee when you already have a plan, plus the $30 in tax these people are The Pits of the World as John McEnroe would say.
One helluva video coming this afternoon.

So you say you and your family have been Verizon customers for 10+ years? They don't care... Because when your Droid breaks down they will send you remanufactured phones that don't function properly and then point you toward a subsidized new phone and shove a new contract down your throat that gets rid of the unlimited data plan. Nice guys, huh? Well not really. And I say that having worked at AT&T corporate headquarters (I'm right smack dab in the middle behind the sign) and at American Tower Corp. (ATC) where I won employee of the week for helping Verizon obtain hundreds of co-location wireless facilities and antennas in their ROFR (Right of First Refusal) project ten years ago. Cute little award LOL. At least when my Droids screw up AT&T gives me a new one. I'm working on a "4G" HTC inspire with Snapdragon.

Verizon sucks because they offer busted-up refurbished phones when your Droid breaks down (as it most surely will LOL). They then force you into an upgrade phone for a couple hundred dollars and won't even cut you a friggin' break when your family has been a 10+ year client. This Country is fast becoming the province of the douchebag, led by the banksters..... I've worked for all the major carriers around (and some long gone beer on the curb for Nextel) and all I can say is: "These guys have some friggin' nerve."

 KingCast: Been there, done that.

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