13 August 2012

KingCast says to hell with Apple Computers.... again.... they made a heap of shit for film makers.

The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred. (MemFullErr / iMemFullErr: Not enough room in heap zone/).

Update: As of 25 August 2012 there is no fix. Had to buy a firewire cable to load iMovie project to my old polycarb backup computer... but I can't find that computer because it is in a box somewhere because I just moved. So then I go to download Final Cut X. I figure I can export the project over there and re-edit. But alas the free 30 day trial is also fucked up. I get an error message that reads: "Invalid Checksum."

Update: As of 17 August 2012 It is an unresolvable problem with Mountain Lion and iMovie '11 and ML does not allow older version of iMovie. iMovie is essentially useless except for video slide movies and I seldom make those, my movies always have live video. Now I have to use FC Pro every time, even for simple videos. Apple has to fix this shit with an update. 

 Followers of my journals know that I don't publicly swear very often (unless quoting someone like Kelly Ayotte supporter and fake plumber Bill Christy, i.e Nigger this, Motherfucker that)..... but right about now I say Apple has fucked up yet again and need to make it right. I have what is basically a state-of-the-art computer, a hot rod MacBook pro lacking only retina display and the very latest processor, yet I cannot export a simple fucking iMovie.... and not a 35 or 55-minute iMovie mind you, a 6-minute iMovie. Yes I tried the Onyx fix from Mac Forums (more). Yes I have FC Pro on this new machine and I will be using it for more intense projects as I learn it, but that is no excuse for this debacle, as others have noted it's a serious fucking issue that needs to be sorted. They fixed it before and guess what? They are going to fix it again, dammit. This is dumb shit. But wait... it gets better..... now it's "Sharing requires more memory to be available...."

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