18 August 2012

KingCast presents: Wedding Party!

Well sports fans its a wedding party! Congrats, Sis. It is a screen capture from video. So funny to see Wilbon in person, I haven't seen him in a few years. It's like to the World he's Mr. Sports to me he's just longhead Cousin Mike LOL. He's funny but not as funny as my father that's for sure. Meanwhile my old man and one of my sisters act like they've never seen bubbles before LOL....


Christopher King said...

A couple of key things. The top picture proves that a Canon 60D with a good lens and proper settings will render pics as good as a 5D to the naked eye.

Before the days of WashPost and ESPN there was Wilbon v. King. When Uncle Ray (RIP) couldn't handle Mike and Don he would sick my father on them to keep them humble. Those days were a friggin riot, I was really young then but I don't think they ever beat my father and me in table tennis doubles try as they might. Life in America seemed so much simpler then.


Christopher King said...

Another key thing I realized.

I am so thankful that my father passed on to me what I'll best describe as an indomitable spirit.

That in turn comes from grandad who was kind of a sour guy who scared the hell out of us but one time when my father's checks were short back in, say 1950 or so he comes home and tells his father.

Grandad goes up to the guy with his shotgun.

"Cecil says his checks are short."

"Ummm... no... are you sure."

"Oh I'm sure. My son knows his math probably better than you do. Just make sure you get it right from now on."

Problem solved.

Nowadays Justice is more elusive, you can't just bring a shotgun, all you can do is shoot your Canon on the injustice and hope for the best :)