25 August 2012

KingCast asks, "Will the $1B Samsung Apple verdict help R & D fix iLife, iMovie and Final Cut Pro download issues?"

Seriously folks... read madmaxF16's commentary because I am definitely picking up what he is putting down. iPads and iPhones and the like are all good but Apple needs to take care of its core customers. We have been here since the days of the Mac Plus...... the Mac Classic got me through law school in the early '90, twenty friggin' years ago so don't try to play us out the pocket guys. I can't even make a damn movie right now and my MacBook is basically state of the art. Here's the Jury Verdict that I don't even really care about. What I care about is the breaches of warranty on merchantability, fitness to specific purpose and Magnuson-Moss. Here's your back story on the HEAP zone and other issues of abject failure.

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